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Ready To Get Serious Results From Your Trading?

Get the tools & Trading Systems You need to start making consistent, bankable PROFITS!
3 Powerful trading systems
3 Powerful trading systems
Daily video  analysis of trades
Daily video analysis of trades
Step-by-step video training
Step-by-step video training
3 Powerful Forex Trading Systems

Get full access to the same powerful trading systems, we use every day to pull profits out of the Forex market.

Daily Video Analysis Of Trades

Watch on video as we plan trades in advance and explain what we are looking at with each trading system for the days and weeks ahead.

Proprietary Trading Indicators

Get unlimited access to our custom propriatory indators and trading tools designed to make your trading life easy and profitable.

Full Step-By-Step Video Training

From basics to advanced trading systems, we walk you through everything you need in our step by step online video tutorials.

Private Members Forum

Join the FMP family, meet other members and ask questions, many of our members are now professional full time traders and happy to help you.

Help & Support

Our #1 goal is to help you succeed which is why we offer as much support as possible. Ask questions and get advice from real professional Forex traders.

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No risk, no long term commitments, you are free to cancel at any time

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Meet The Forex Mentor Pro Team!
Our team of professional traders dedicated to help you succeed!
Marc Walton

Full time trader, hedge fund manager and founder of Forex Mentor Pro, Marc trades Forex from his home in the sunny Canary Islands specialising and teaching his own M1-M2 trading systems.

Pierre Du Plessis

Starting as a student of FMP, Pierre studied hard and now trades Forex full time from his home in South Africa. As a mentor with us Pierre teaches his unique Earth & Sky Trading System while always maintaining a fun and cheerful atmosphere!

Omar Eltoukhy

Another long term member who turned professional trader. Omar is a valuable member of the team and has a fantastic ability to explain his analysis in a simple yet enjoyable format which helps our members excel quickly.

Forex Mentor Pro Analysis - CLick to Play Video

The daily video mentoring and analysis is where the meat of your education will take place. Every trading day we share with you our view on the markets via written and video analysis. You will be able to see our charts on video as we explain what we are looking for with each of our trading methods. You will know exactly where we are planning on making a trade and most importantly why we are planning on making a trade. This is where you will gain valuable experience as you continually check your analysis against ours and learn from the process.

Plus you get unlimited access to over 12 months worth of previous video analysis so you can easily back track and get up to speed. It's 100% meat and instantly usable material you can take action on today and begin transforming into a professional Forex trader.

video analysis
video analysis
Freqently Asked Questions
I see its $1 for the 7 day trial but whats the full cost of your service?

If you continue with our service after the trial your membership will cost $47/month. However you can cancel your membership at any time during or after the trial period.

If I take the $1 trial but decide its not for me will I be charged more money?

No. If you decide our service is not for you simply cancel your membership anytime within the trial period and you will not be charged any further membership fees.

I work full time, can I still make use of your service and trade around my job?

Yes! We focus mainly on swing trading so this is not a problem. Usually you can set your entries, stops, targets and check back later on in the day. In fact most of our professional traders prefer not to have to be at their charts all day and would rather be out doing other things.

Do I need previous trading experience to join Forex Mentor Pro?

No experience necessary. We cover everything you need to get started in out Forex Foundation course which you will have full access to once you join.

How long will it take me to become a profitable trader?

This varies from trader to trader so we can not give you an exact amount of time, some members pick it up quickly and excel while others take much longer. But if you stick at it you will make it!

Do I need any other expensive services to learn to trade, like charting?

No, we will show you where you can get a charting platform and everything you need for free. You can use a free demo account while you learn so there is no other cost involved.

Do you offer a signal service so I can copy your trades?

No, although we do explain where we are looking to trade in advance we are not a signal service. Our aim is to teach you how to find profitable trades for yourself so you are not reliant on us in the future.

What's the minimum amount I can trade with on a live account?

With some of our recommended brokers you can open a live trading account with as little as $200 but we always recommend that you start on a demo account until you have a firm grasp of trading.

Ready To Get Started And Transform Your Trading?

Get started today for just $1 giving you 7 days full access
No risk, no long term commitments, you are free to cancel at any time

payment set
Safe & secure Payments