Marc Walton's forex mentor blogCheck out our award winning forex mentor blog: Marc Walton Full time trader, fund manager and founder of Forex Mentor Pro, Marc trades Forex for clients from his home in the sunny Canary Islands. Marc is famed for being “spookily accurate” with his analysis. Often picking out entries from 100’s of pips away, “to the pip.”

Unlike most “guru’s” he and the other mentors here tell you in advance what they are looking to trade and why. That way you can learn to become a successful trader in your own right.

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The Goldilocks FOMC Meeting

One down, two to go. And what did we hear from the reserve central bank? Well in a sentence they do not want rates to rise too fast or too has to be just right. Well, we have been here before a careful handling or the options careful assessment of forecasts...

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Detailed Forex Analysis 21st May

Hi, things seemed to return to some kind of normality last week. I said in last Sunday's report that although things had been messy of late, major areas were still key. The Gbp/Aud I spoke about in last Sundays analysis went over 170 pips ( I took 120) and the $/Yen I...

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Good morning everyone. What's up and whets down this morning? Well looking at the chart we can see we had a couple of triangle breakouts that took now we need to wait for the correction followed by possible M2 trade set ups. What's a M2 set up ? A M2 set...

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Back From The Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Good morning everyone. How was your loooooong Easter weekend ? Did you find any Easter eggs in the garden ? Mine was super thanks for asking 🙂 I had to attend loads of school ruby over the last 4 days as my `little` 16 year old went on tour this Easter period....

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Wheelbarrow Full Of Easter Pips!!!

Good morning everyone. How you all doing on this Easter Friday morning ? Did you make any pips with our analysis this week ? What..............why not ? 🙂 I took a couple of trades this week........ 1) A short from the mother in law dining room table (200 EMA)...

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Tuesday’s Earth & Sky Analysis With Pierre!!

Good morning all. How you all doing this stunning Tuesday morning? Not bad not bad....this side of the world !! 🙂 ………………………………………………………………. Pairs that stands out for me this morning will have to be....... Dollar Index in the short Earth and Sky zone. Dollar/SGD...

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End Of The Road Trip….

End of the road trip! Good morning everyone Well I have reached the end of the road trip, after 1000km of driving. Hopefully l will be back to normal next week where I once again will bring you a detailed Earth and Sky analysis. I will show you the money and hopefully...

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Friday Catch Up With Pierre!!

Good morning everyone. How did it go this week? I am spitting feathers here this morning as we can see, by looking at the charts, that I was once again spot on with my levels I called where I wanted to do  business from this week.......but with the FED interest rate...

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