Forex Training Course
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forex training course

Ready To Get Serious Results From Your Trading?

Get the tools & Trading Systems You need to start making consistent, bankable PROFITS

Stock analysis system

3 Powerful trading systems

Forex video analysis

Daily video analysis of trades

Stock analysis system

Step-by-step video training

Risk Free Forex Training

You won’t find better value for money, period. 6 months ago I was a relative forex newbie. Today I’m a confident trader with a plan of attack.

Kent from USA

Forex trading for beginners

Transform Your Trading With Our 5* Rated Mentoring

You already have the learning capabilities to succeed with our tested forex trading strategies and mentoring

We show you how – every trading day! If you want to learn to trade Forex to earn more money now, to retire comfortably or early, or are looking to quit your job and trade full time & enjoy the money & freedom that brings, we can help you with our 5* rated forex mentor program. Achieving financial security is all about acquiring the skills to generate more income and then being able to invest and manage it smarter. It’s a skill like any other.

Our trading courses are specifically designed to leverage your current skills, knowledge and experience to put you in control of your new successful career as a professional grade forex trader. Whether you are a factory worker, engineer, lawyer, you already have the required framework to acquire and use new knowledge to create a successful outcome – the outcome depends on the quality of the directions received and how much effort you are willing to put in.

We take you by the hand & show you the step by step processes that we use to achieve the same dreams. Our 5* rating on independent review sites agree that we provide high-quality forex trading strategies, guidance and mentoring.

We work with you for your trading success

All of our forex mentors are real life working traders. All originally joined our team as student members before going on to trade full time, working from home. No boss, no commute and ultra-low overheads make trading a dream business. You only need a decent computer and internet connection and you are ready to get started straight away.

  • Define the amount of profit you need to make to consider yourself a successful trader – this is the first goal of your trading transformation.
  • View your trading transformation as a project – you have a goal and you do not currently know how to achieve it.
  • The difficult part of a project is to acquire and use the correct structures and information for the given goal and project area – you can skip these worries, because we provide you with all the strategies and training you need to complete your project successfully.
  • The road to achieving your goal will be unique, however we make sure you are not alone as our skilled mentors will guide you step by step.

Our mentoring and forex trading strategies are of high quality because they work. They work with you, not for you, which means you will be a person who is successful – not a person who owns a successful product.

The courses and videos are transparent. Supported by weekly live training sessions and daily analysis & forum support from full time trader Pierre du Plessis. With our Forex Mentoring Program you can follow everything that is happening at your own speed. You have the time and all the background information to understand, and learn, how successful trading works – now you can become a successful, professional trader if you learn to trade with Forex Mentor Pro.

Best of all you won’t believe how little we charge for our service so that you can learn Forex trading.

Safe secure site for Forex mentoring program

Meet the Team

All our mentors enjoy the freedom to trade full time from various locations around the world. All started as student members & now trade for a living and give back by mentoring others.

Marc Walton

Marc started trading from his home in the Canary Islands in 2002. After initially struggling he went on to trade for private clients, hedge funds and now his own managed funds. Marc founded Forex MentorPro back in 2008 & with his team have since taught 1000’s of home based traders. They have a 5* reputation on independent review sites.

Pierre Du Plessis

South African Pierre started as a student of FMP. He studied hard and eventually created his own, highly profitable “Earth & Sky” forex trading system which he teaches here at FMP. He also runs our “Members Only” forum and is available every day to offer trading tips and advice to members & share his trade plans BEFORE the event.

Judith Waker

Ex Lawyer & pianist Judith joined as a member in 2013. She initially struggled before going on to study global macro fundamentals (what is happening around the financial world) which helped her improve her results tenfold! She now coaches & trades a combination of fundamental & technical analysis.

Forex trading systems

3 Powerful Forex Trading Systems

Get full access to the same powerful trading systems, we use every day to pull profits out of the Forex market.

Proprietary Trading Indicators

Proprietary Trading Indicators

Get unlimited access to our custom propriatory indators and trading tools designed to make your trading life easy and profitable.

Private Members Forum

Private Members Forum

Join the FMP family, meet other members and ask questions, many of our members are now professional full time traders and happy to help you.

Forex video analysis

Daily Video Analysis Of Trades

Watch on video as we plan trades in advance and explain what we are looking at with each trading system for the days and weeks ahead.

Forex video training

Step-By-Step Forex Video Training

From basics to advanced trading systems, we walk you through everything you need in our step by step online video tutorials.

Forex Mentoring Programme Help & Support

Forex Mentoring Programme Help & Support

Our #1 goal is to help you succeed which is why we offer as much support as possible. Ask questions and get advice from real professional Forex traders.

“You won’t find better value for money, period. 6 months ago I was a relative forex newbie. Today I’m a confident trader with a plan of attack and I’m very thankfull”

Kent from USA

“…I have however been a satisfied member since 2008. Forexmentor Pro has taken me from being a rookie gambler to a trader who now wins more than I lose.”

Martin (Tokolosh) from Australia

“I can only describe Marc Walton as an excellent trader. He did nor work in a big bank or on the Chicago floor but he understands what every retail trader has to go through.”

Stephen Cole from UK

“I have been with FMP right from when it first started and have found it to be professionally run and one of the best places for learning how to trade.”

Robbie from New Zealand

Transform your trading with our experts

Our mentors work with you, not for you, which means you will be a person who is successful – not a person who owns a successful product.

Safe secure site for Forex mentoring program

Trading Forex isn’t easy but the guys at Forex Mentor Pro have helped me become a better trader simply by following their trading techniques over time.

After a while you begin to adapt to their trading strategies and eventually you are like a youngster learning to ride a bike where you no longer need an adult to help make sure you don’t fall and can start riding yourself. In fact that is their goal to teach you well enough you can start trading on your own using strategies and techniques they teach.

Marc and the rest of his team seem to be honest, straight shooting teachers that promote a no nonsense, low risk method of tackling the ever changing Forex market.

5 star rating

Ken E

Colorado, USA

If you are reading the reviews on this page then you probably are missing a little something in your trading, or maybe are a little unsure and need a bit of support. This is exactly what you get week in week out with these guys.

If you would like to take your understanding of how to trade then you will not get better than the mentoring service offered at FMP You will learn how to take your trading to the next level.

I like most people have spent thousands of Pounds / Dollars or Euros it does not matter what currency you hold we have all been there and done that. You have to understand the basics of how to trade like the big boys. This is just what you will learn with these guys.

5 star rating

Rob Rogers

Northumberland, United Kingdom

I have found FMP to be an excellent source of learning material. I find the videos are brilliant and even though they were recorded a while ago what they are teaching is still very much relevant today and support and resistance is a fundamental part of any technical analysis.

The Forum is a very active with Pierres Earth & Sky system and there are a lot of members using this and posting and helping each other out.

5 star rating


Auckland, New Zealand

The Real Deal. Another must for anyone serious about becoming a trader. Member for over two years. One of the Best forums on the net. Definately not a scam. Very good deal. Again another Must for the serious trader. 5 star rating


Phuket, Thailand

I have been mentored by these guys since November 2011. Having studied for 18 months on my own these guys have put the icing on the cake for me ( all about support and resistance ) The education and weekly posts are extremely easy to learn from and the accuracy is absolutely outstanding. These guys are real people whom are very accessible, helpful and who live in our Forex world. A must for all those serious about thier trading at whatever level you may be . Phenominal Mentors …..Thanks Guys 5 star rating

Nigel Lane

Hayling island, United Kingdom

I have been a member for a couple of months now and find that FMP has helped me a lot in understanding Forex, how to make pips and cut losses. The seniors and the members in the forums are very helpful in helping me to understand the systems available in FMP. I should have found it years ago but I believe it is better late than sorry. 5 star rating


Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

Brilliant service. One of the best forex organisations I have seen.
Excellent analysis and has helped me make over 23% gain for the month.
I will stress this is not the only information I use to trade but their system is spot on and I am very impressed so far with the site and people.
Well done

5 star rating



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