Hopefully by now you are beginning to see light at the end of the forex tunnel 🙂

move onIn today’s video I show you how I made over 250 pips profit this week from pre planned trades. Most of these were from the simple system I have been showing you.

As ever, forex proved to be frustrating. I missed entries on some other pairs by a handful of pips that would have given me another 200 pips!

That’s forex unfortunately.

You simply have to be able to ignore this kind of situation. You have to think of it as an opportunity missed, rather than a loss. The ability to move on and simply set up the next trade is a skill you need to develop. There is no point brooding over the “one that got away.”

Take a look at the video below where I show the reasons for entering where I did. I show where I placed my stops, targets and the strategies I used to make a substantial income.

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The Video

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Week 2 Summary 250 Pips Profit