Professional Fund Trader and Mentor Marc Walton “called” the crypto boom in 2020 for huge gains and sees it Repeating in 2024:

In May 2020 I led my team and private clients on the most profitable investing period since the dotcom boom of the 1990s, to make life-changing gains. At that time Bitcoin was around $8000 & Ethereum less than $200 (BTC later peaked at $68,800 & Eth at $4850 within 12 months!

I am confident that BTC for sure will hit that height and beyond in the future. Not financial advice, but based on my 30 years of experience in financial markets.

I also bought 25 other crypto tokens. All bar one made huge gains. The biggest gain was over 10,000% in less than 12 months.

Later that year, in October 2020, I hosted a presentation (you can see the recording below). I explained why “…. I believe Investing in Cryptocurrencies now could be the best financial decision of your lifetime” and boy was I right!

(You can see the recording of the presentation from 2020 at the bottom of this page)

why I believe Investing in Cryptocurrencies now could be the best financial decision of your lifetime”

Within 3 months Bitcoin alone tripled!

In the presentation, I demonstrated:

  • Why high inflation was going to be a problem. At the same time the Fed & ECB said it would stay at zero. Then later that it was “only going to be temporary.”
  • How mortgages were likely to shoot up.
  • Why the big funds, PayPal and VISA HAD to get involved.
  • How big funds & leaders like Dimon from JP Morgan and Fink of Blackrock who were vehemently opposed to crypto would change their tune. You guessed it now they are all in favour as they will be able to profit from it most likely more so than from stocks in 2024.
  • How Bitcoin(BTC) was starting to be seen as a store of value even by elderly fund managers.
  • Why having assets outside of the clutches of governments (CBDC) is a smart move.
  • Why leaving money in the bank was not a good idea nor as safe as you think.
  • Why even gold may not be safe from your government, especially in the USA.
  • How central banks and the Fed are useless OR are taking you for a fool.
  • How FIAT currencies always collapse.
  • How, where, and why I use my technical skills to look to buy any asset class.

Ironically one of the main things to take from the presentation was that blockchain technology is often more important than the tokens and how it would revolutionize business, banking, contracts, and many other industries around the world.

As you saw I explained that inflation would become a major problem and the implications. That was in the same 28th October 2020 webinar. A month earlier the Federal Reserve, unbelievably stated:

federal reserve idots

As you can see I was at my “spookily accurate” best yet again. I now see the green shoots of a revival in crypto and I expect 2024 to be a very good year.

When it comes to investing I am a contrarian, but as my crypto folks made bigger gains in 12 months greater than 30 years (net of inflation) in the S&P it’s a path to at least consider.

Crypto late 2023

Recently, October 2023, I showed how folks could invest in a stock that would give exposure to Bitcoin. It surged 48% so far. With a small leverage x5 I took 150% profit in 10 days and 48% on a separate stock. All pre planned, shared in advance.

marc walton forexIronically I am quite conservative when it comes to trading forex, but as a contrarian crypto and stocks investor I have no interest in taking a position unless I see the potential to make a minimum 25% in a short period of time.

I can wait months for possible setups, but as I am involved in forex, stocks, crypto & metals, I usually find a few very good trades/investments every month and forex can give multiple setups.

I am also contrarian when it comes to advising young people

I recently explained in a podcast with an international broker, I believe that young people should:

  • Think long and hard before deciding to go to college and taking on huge debt unless they have a passion and are investing in a sustainable career.
  • Consider whether AI will take any job in the future.
  • Not rush to start a pension now
  • Travel and open their minds to other cultures & possibilities.

Also contrarian thinking is key in my opinion

  • How GenZ CAN afford to buy houses IF they are willing to look in wider areas.
  • The current monetary system is probably not going to exist in the next 20 years.
  • Just because investing in stocks has been profitable over the long term for the last 70 years, that does not mean it will be in the future.
  • Why I believe that crypto will soon have another bull run.

While the financial markets are never ‘normal,’ so to speak, as of now, they are highly volatile and unpredictable, and having a contrarian perspective is going to work better for the smaller investor, in my view.

With my suggestions, I hope I can instill some useful perspectives and techniques in people who want to do well in investing despite adverse conditions in the current economy.

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Here is a recording of my presentation from October 2020 and my thoughts as to why Crypto was (and still will be) revolutionary. Also why I think it’s going to boom again: