Hi guys, the last time I posed the question “Should I still buy Bitcoin” was back in November 2020. I explained why I said yes. 12 weeks later it more than TREBLED in price! So could it do it again? I explain in todays video why I believe Bitcoin will come again. I talked about this in Tuesdays live session but I go into more detail in this article and videos.

Here is a link to the post from the 20th November 2020. This is a great example of understanding the fear and greed and emotions that screws traders and investors. Many of my followers had doubled their accounts in a few months and the bulk who joined me less than a month earlier were up over 40% in lTHREE WEEKS. Some clients were starting to get twitchy and worrying if they should take profits.

I explained my reasoning for hanging on in there which turned out to be the best investing decision of my life as my portfolio grew over 1000% in the following months!

All of this was based on my initial webinar on the 20th of October 2020 and the followup on the 28th October. I explained all the reasons I felt that crypto was going to boom. One of which was I forecasted that inflation was going to be an issue. At the same time the FED were talking about working to get it up to 2% and that it would probably be less than that throughout 2023!!

Do you want to listen to them or me 🙂

You can watch the shorter version of the original webinar here. Many of the reasons why I believe that BTC at least will surge again are the same but in the final video I update you with my current thoughts. I recommend that you go through the entire mini-course if you really want to understand crypto and why the Fed et al are desperate to force a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) on you all. Those with crypto can at least partially be beyond their reach.

Here is the webinar from last week where I spoke about Bitcoin and other investment ideas.

Live: Alternate trading & investing ideas – Forex Mentor Pro – Blog

As ever this is not financial advice. I am NOT a licensed financial adviser in any jurisdiction. (However, I outperform most of them every year)!

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