About Judith Waker

About Judith Waker

Like many traders, Judith’s trading journey began many years ago with a huge pile of CD’s videos and promises all sent by post!

In fact it began in the futures and options arena and after many public seminars, a few significant losses and all of the promises unfilled the idea of earning a living from trading was shelved.

Some 10 years further on and in very different circumstances, Judith looked again at the prospect of a secondary income .

It was time in fact, for online tuition this time and similar promises. After a few attempts with a demo and unable to make much progress she had the chance to learn and understand the fundamentals, otherwise known as the global macro environment . This time the investment proved not only sound but a real game changer.

Until that point, it had been hard to make any money. The basics had been learnt in the technical sense, although too many indicators and bells and whistles had caused a nasty case of analysis paralysis.

Still, Judith Waker had learned how not to lose money, how to place stops and how to break even. It was a bit like treading water without the fear of drowning!

After learning the basics of how markets move and why the technicals do what they do, a light bulb went on.

Judith Waker –

Results After Combining Both methods

It is the fundamentals and the sentiment which drives prices and enables us to develop a bias, trade with a conviction and know when to jump ship. The only time she ever closes a position before a stop or a target is hit, is if there has been a major shift in the fundamental background.

This was the point at which Judith started to make money. Small position sizes, disciplined risk reward and a lot more confidence. As a longer time frame trader, she is now looking for 100 to 300 pips per trade , instead of twenty if it was a good day!

Judith now trades a live account and aims for 3% -5% per month account growth, with a low draw-down using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. This was possible only because she recognized that it all starts with the global macro picture, an understanding of sentiment and an efficient routine that filters out noise and the problem of handling multiple pairs.

And the result after a few months of studying this new approach, distilling the weekly data, and, of course, practicing? Stress free profitable trading: maximum 6 charts a week. Eureka!

She now teaches basic fundamental analysis to new students here at Forex Mentorpro and posts her detailed analysis & trading ideas during the week. She is a gifted teacher, able to make complex subjects seem easy & also joins in the weekly live training sessions that we host for members.

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