Live: How to Prosper..You Have No Excuses

In today’s live webinar, I explained that you have all the resources available here at FMP to change your future and put yourself in a very good position in the coming years.

At the start of the year a few weeks back I revealed my full crypto and also my daughter’s stock portfolio and showed you how I made a 64% return within a year on new crypto trades. I also made over 30% on stocks using my M2 strategy along with fundamentals to buy certain stocks that had the potential to give me at least a 20% return. For example, I spoke about Uranium many times last year, more nuclear plants are being built around the world. One of the main commodities needed in nuclear plants is Uranium, so it was very probable that the price of Uranium would increase in the future. I first talked about uranium here a year ago. As of today it is up over 100%.

I also explained that the traditional way of just investing your money in the stock market such as the S&P 500 and expecting to make significant gains isn’t realistic anymore in my opinion. the average gain over the last 20 years is less than 8% per year when inflation and taxes are taken into account. Hedge funds are even worse.

Hedge Funds Might Break Even after 2 Years

I have stressed several times that you cannot trust the government with your money and with CBDC on the way they will have full control over your lives. Therefore, find a way to protect your money. If you want to change your future learn a new skill, or educate yourself, we have all these tools here at FMP.

You can check out my crypto investing blog using the link below (Links below for members only)

Marc’s crypto analysis

I also explained in my post from July 2023 why I think crypto will boom again in the coming months. Watch the video

Is Bitcoin about to surge again?

There is a full crypto crash course in the Crypto section available on the website. Link below.

If you want to learn more on crypto then here is the link to the $60,000 MIT course for really serious folks! But you will join the elite if you can get through it!

So you have all the tools necessary to put yourself in a better position you are in now in the future, but you need to take the steps, effort, and time to succeed.

In the last 10 min, Ashley shared his Shorter timeframe setups and also the Earth and Sky pairs for the week ahead. Ashley trades full-time and he combines M2 with E&S and other basic strategies he learned in FX to find high-probability setups.

He has spotted a H&S pattern on the GBPUSD which looks pretty clean and if it plays out then a potential 200 pip gain. Watch the webinar to see how he is looking to play it out. He then went on to share his other trade ideas and how he has managed some of his open trades and managed risk before the red flag news.

You can watch the full webinar below