Hi, in Tuesdays live training session we started by looking at what effect inflation might have in the aftermath of the COVID crisis.

Why central banks set inflation targets, why they are looking to increase them and the big worry about hyperinflation. After many previous financial crises over the previous few hundred years, often inflation causes as many if not more problems and hardship for the little guy than the actual crash.

I will cover the subject in a lot more detail in tomorrows Crypto webinar.

Then I will show how crypto is going mainstream, how wealthy investors are piling in for both a profit and safehaven. How Paypal joined the party a couple of days ago and so much more!

If you missed the webinar and would like to see a replay, email us: [email protected]

Why I believe Crypto could be the best financial opportunity in our lifetime

I also showed various potential trade setups using our 3 different strategies, the importance fo stops and where NOT to place targets,

All explained in the video: