Live: News + Technical Clues to Make Big Profits

This week I showed how to use (mainly non forex) news to spot new trends and potentially very big profits in multiple markets including forex. Including crazy news that DOGE is now going mainstream!

I went through several things in todays live webinar.

How my M2 is “spookily accurate” in crypto and stocks. I only use fibs, 55 and 200 MA. I then look at the area of confluence and look to buy on the dips and sell at an area where price has clearly struggled before.

How the 10 year US Treasury note is correlated with the Yen and why the Yen is NOT a safe haven. You can use the trading view comparison tool on the left hand side where you see the symbol. You can then overlay a chart and compare two charts to see the correlation, I have shown how to do it in the screenshot below.

Trading view

If you are struggling to keep up with fundamentals, one of the best sources of forex news and analysis and how to use it: Marc to Market

Bitcoin is “halving in 3 weeks time, the last 3 times it shot up afterwards, what happened next and how to play it?

Despite big previous profits I am no longer buying BTC miners. This is because after the halving the number of BTC mined will be reduced. This will affect the miners because they will be making less revenue and could affect their stock prices.

I am planning to sell my Ethereum because of the fears that the SEC will probably not approve an ETH ETF. If they reject it then ETH could probably drop and I would then look to buy at 2,000 again.

I also explained why RWA is the next big thing. BlackRock the worlds largest asset manager known for launching BTC ETF, aims to invest in RWA in the coming months. BlackRock being a $10 trillion company will bring a lot of liquidity in the market and increase the market cap of many of these tokens. I will be researching more on this topic and update my YIF members if I find anything interesting.

BlackRock creates tokenized asset fund

Check out the below article explaining what a halving event is:

What is Bitcoin Halving?

History of BTC halvings

RWA’s Explained

Elsewhere I also explained the crazy news that a coin released as a meme could potentially go mainstream in coming months. If this happens then the coin could significantly increase in value. Also Elon Musk could accept it for twitter if that happens which will be very positive news for the token.

DOGE is going mainstream!

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