Live: Spotting high probability set ups

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In today’s webinar I covered the M2 setups, the 4HR set ups, and the Earth and Sky pairs.

As I showed you in the webinar I missed out on the GBPAUD set up which I was trading off the Earth and Sky strategy.  I had put a forward order yesterday as it was still far away from the entry despite the AUD bank minutes. Then it took off after the unemployment rate news was out and missed it by 2 pips like shown below and hit my TP at 140 pips. I only had a 30 pips stop on this.

The EURAUD also looked very similar but I told you the reasons why I preferred the GBPAUD. I also said for this week you have plenty of choice on E&S so make a calculated choice. Out of the YEN pairs pick one, out of AUD and NZD pick one. Don’t take them all as you are increasing the risk, if one loses the others are likely to follow. You don’t know for sure if the setup is going to work, you are trading probability. REMEMBER THAT!

I also showed how I look at the 4HR and 1 HR to find day trading setups in the short term. I showed you how I mark up levels and look for high-probability setups while I wait for the long-term trades to play out.

You can watch the full webinar below:

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