Hi, in today’s live session we went into detail as to what sets the successful trader apart from the rest.

We started off by explaining to folks that we have had to raise prices for the first time in 10 years. So if you are currently a monthly member and wish to upgrade to annual or lifetime membership you need to do so straight away as the rise is scheduled for the 1st of December. Annual will be going up from $197 to $297 and lifetime from $397 to $497.


If you want to continue as a monthly member this increase will not change your current payment.

Private, one to one mentoring with Marc

We are coming to that time of year when lots of folks think about finally deciding to “crack” forex and enrol with me for private coaching. In 2023 I intend to travel a lot more and as I am now retired from trading for clients, I will only be able to accept a few clients.

I am also going to revert back to the normal price for my private, one to one mentoring. I reduced it during Covid, but am now going to remove that option from this weekend. We have already updated the pricing on the FMP Advanced Forex Mentor Program Page link below. BUT if you have been thinking about this for a while then you need to let me know straight away. If do so now then I will honour the $1000 discount. 

You will see that I have also included sharing my stock portfolio and a new course on how to protect yourself and profit during a recession AND 12 additional sessions with Ashley + 3 bonus sessions for fundamental training. That means for a full 6 months you will have at least one live, private training session per week.

All explained here. If you contact me in the next few days I will honour the $1000 discount


The “Secret Sauce” of Pro Trading

Near the start of the session I explained how Ashley has transformed himself into a successful trader. He quit his well-paid job in the summer and now focuses full-time on trading. Having said that, as he explains in the session, he actually spends no more than an hour a day looking at charts.

I teach folks how to do their analysis on a weekend, which takes a few hours. During the week there is minimal time spent at the screen. Wherever possible I place forward orders, so you do NOT need to be at your desk or on your phone all day!

Focus, Focus, Focus

Now that Ashley is able to focus full time he is now “in tune” with the markets and his results have improved dramatically. If you have a full-time job and do not have that luxury, at least spend 30 minutes a day (at the start or end, not whilst at work). Ashley explains his process during the session.

Also, many folks feel overwhelmed by looking at too many charts. He shows how he only focuses on a few.

Ashley shares all his trades, in advance, in blog posts and the forum. In recent months he has made 1000’s of pips. Take part in the forum and ask as many questions as you wish.

I also shared results/progress on a couple of other private students, one of which is Phil. He has only been with me for a few months, but he is making very good progress. Phil is following my M2 to the letter, and that is the process I go through with all new students. Get them to master the longer timeframes first. Once they have done that they usually “tweak” it to suit. Ashley uses a mixture of M2, Earth & Sky plus a little of his own “secret sauce” to make trading decisions.

I also showed the results for another of my students who has been with me longer. She again has adapted M2 to suit her own style and experiences and is now qualified for a funded account. You can see their stats in the video below

Open trades

I looked at stocks and gave my thoughts as to what I think is going to happen in the run up to Christmas and what I expect to happen in the New Year. This is a potentially dangerous time in the markets, so I recommend you check this out now! I am building positions in some stocks. Avoiding others like the plague and shorting some of the indices.

Ashley is still in the Euro/Gbp and my one Yen trade, from Sunday’s analysis, the Aud Yen is currently + 100 pips. Phil has also shared his trades in the forum, and he is finishing the month strongly. To see what they are looking to trade for the rest of the week, keep dropping by the forum and TAKE PART.

You can also view our fundamental analysis for this week using the link below

Fundamental analysis

As always, remember correlation!


We are NOT a “tipping service” our aim is to teach you how to trade for yourself.

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