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In today’s live webinar myself and Thinus went through all the setups for M2 and Earth and Sky.

I showed Earth and Sky how you could have lost on all of them if you had taken them knowing the news was out this morning. The RBA surprised everyone by increasing the interest rates when the forecast was for them to keep it the same. Hence the AUD headed higher during the Asia session. Most of the YEN pairs look attractive on E&S as we are waiting for a pullback to long it.

I also shared the AUDCAD trade that has been fired. Yesterday it stopped at the bottom as I pointed with my arrow. So the thinking behind it was that it has been doing 70 pips on average. If it was going to stop anywhere even after the news it would be near the EMAS. This is because it would have done more than its daily range, you have trendline, 200 and 55 MA, EMAs, 78.6% fib, and in a downtrend. So a lot of confluences going on there. At the time of writing this, you can see it is below my entry and still struggling to break this level.

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Thinus then went through the M2 set-ups and explained how to approach this week, especially with a busy schedule ahead.

Other set ups that look interesting are GBJPY at 168 and USDJPY at 134 for longs.

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You can  watch the full webinar recording below:

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