In last week’s live training session I shared trades I had entered/was going to. How I intended to manage them. Then I updated videos showing how I moved stops to lock in profits. How I scaled out of trades. Moved stops/scaled out again and finally an update for the final result

Here you go a step-by-step plan to follow:

This one “popped up” in the live session, I declared it to be the “tip of the day” then forgot to place the order at the end of the session 🙁

Congratulations to those who caught it. It was a very good M2 set-up and it wasn’t me that spotted it first. Caring is sharing so make sure to get active in the forum. It’s slow at this time of the year and you have more chances to interact with lots of experienced winning traders, many of whom are now on funded accounts.

Here is the clip for the doubting Thomases from Tuesday’s live session explaining my plans. I showed you how one of my private students called out this trade and he was right.

It was a classic M2 trade with all the technical analysis lining up. Fibs, trendlines, support and resistance and major psychological level.

In the next video I showed you that I hadn’t entered the trade, but if you caught it, you would have been 75 pips in profit for the week.

In the next video I showed how I had planned  and was managing the Euro/Aud which was also a textbook M2 trade, trading is all about planning.

Below video was from the live webinar me entering the trade and adjusting the stop:

Below video shows how I managed the trade.

As always, remember correlation!

We are NOT a “tipping service” our aim is to teach you how to trade for yourself.


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