Hi, lots of big profitable trades from my last analysis on the 20th March. So what am I looking to trade this week, long and short term and why?

There is big $USA, Gbp, Cad & Aud news this week amongst others, which we need to keep our eyes on, as explained at the start of today’s video analysis

Marc's Weekly Analysis & VideoMondays Fed announcement promises to be the least predictable of the bunch as they can’t agree on a cohesive statement from one day to the next which is not helping get us out of choppy markets on many pairs.

One piece of news I have followed more than most in the last 18+ months is that for the milk auction prices in New Zealand.

Their main export is milk solids to China and the price fall was a big clue as to the direction of the Nzd.

Things have stabilised recently but if you want to trade this pair you must keep your eye on this data.

You can keep up to date here: https://www.globaldairytrade.info/en/product-results/whole-milk-powder/

Flexibility: I show in the video what I am looking to trade longer term and short term. On the Nzd/$ I show you 5 or 6 different trading areas. If you only one pair to trade you would have to become more flexible!

Gbp$Nzd: Missed my entry and then went 900 pips which was annoying 🙁 but potential short for me again for multiple reasons (fibs, emas, trend line and support & resistance) at 2.100.

Gbp/Aud: This DOES look attractive for multiple reasons, bollinger bands, emas, fib, trend line (see the video) why I am looking to short at 1.9160 & if that fails at at 1.9350

Nzd: Had a 180 pip and a 50 pip loser since last time and I am back in again + 50 pips. Until or unless this major area breaks I will simply keep taking it. Worked again, currently + 100 pips. Keeps bouncing off weekly resistance. If it goes back up I will short again at 0.6860. Also if it drops back down to bottom trend line a long at 0.6500. Final option if it breaks and closes above 0.6900 MIGHT be interested to long but watch milk prices and news closely.

Intraday I show what to do if the top area breaks and also how we may be in the start of a channel and what to do at that trend line.

Gbp/$: Too messy. Only want to short, but bounced off 1.4000 last week after negative news. If more bad news this week and it breaks and closes below there I will be interested to short on an M2 break out, pull back. Intra day watch for bounces back up off 1.400 BUT not when news is due out, watch those calendars.

Euro/$: I said last time “Only want to short 1.1450 is preferred area if it gets that high-IT DID almost to the pip and is currently + 50 odd pips. I only want to short if it goes back up I will take again there. if it breaks above I will update you on Wednesday but I will not long this pair anywhere near current price as the Euro is fundamentally screwed. Only interested to long if it was to drop back around 1.0500

$/Sgp: Had 2 years of awesome results with this pair, small stops, 800+ pip moves, unfortunately that run is currently over and had a recent loss and small profit. Fundamentally I believe the $ will continue to rise here, BUT for now I will short if it pulls back to 1.3750 for multiple reasons, target being 1.3220 where I would also then look to long.

Euro/Gbp: Bad idea, two weak currencies and a lot of political and geo political activity in the back ground, better options elsewhere. Always best to trade a strong currency against a weak one. These are both weak a the moment.

Aud/Yen: Last time I caught this it went over 1300 pips, missed my entry last few weeks by 30 odd pips then went 500+ 🙁 looking once more for a pull back to short at the major area of 86.50 for multiple reasons.

$/Yen: I expect the Boj to intervene. of course WHERE is the issue. Technically 105 is area to watch BUT its nearer to gambling than trading.

S & P 500: re approaching major resistance once more, last few times made big moves, see the video why 2090 is the area for me.

New members please note: If I am looking to take a trade long, at for example 1.5000 , I place my order 10 pips above & 10 pips below for a short. This is because price often does not quite reach a major line and you need to allow for spreads. We are NOT a “tipping service” our aim is to teach you how to trade for yourself.

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Marc Walton

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