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pips this weekGood morning everyone.  I hope my `roadblocks` made you some pips this week?

What Pierres holiday roadblocks?


Well on Tuesday morning I showed you how to identify these `roadblock areas` ( multiple reason areas)  and what to look for once price hits these levels. Remember….these areas are the high probability areas where we want to do business.

holiday roadblocks price hits

Let’s have a look how the rest panned out………………………

BUT before we watch the video clip……..

We’re Gonna Get Busted

Bubba and Billy Bob were driving down the road, drinking a couple of beer. “Look thar up ahead,” said Bubba, “it’s a poll-ice roadblock! We’re gonna get busted fer drinkin’ these here beers.”

“Don’tcha worry, Bubba,” said Billy Bob, “We’ll pull over and finish drinikin’ these beers, peel off the labels, stick ’em on our foreheads and throw the bottles under the seat.”

“What fer?” Bubba asked. “Never ya mind, Bubba. Just let me do the talkin’,” replied Billy Bob.

They both finished their beer, put the labels on their foreheads and threw the empty bottles under the seat. When they reached the roadblock, the sheriff asked, “You boys been drinkin’?”

“No, sir, we’re on the patch!” replied Billy Bob

Have a super weekend



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