What Is The Best Forex Trading System? That, my friends, is the “million dollar question” – right?  Virtually every single trader that starts their voyage into this business asks this question. At some point very early on in the path, they realise three very important things:

What Is The Best Forex Trading System?

  • They Need a Trading System To Make Money
  • There are A LOT of Trading Systems Out There
  • Not All Systems Are Even Capable of Making Money

With those three factors in mind, choosing which is the best Forex Trading system to use can be nothing short of overwhelming.  Even after years of trying different systems, people still find themselves looking for the “right/best/profitable” system.  There are many good reasons for that but here are the most common:

  • The System Purchased Was Made By Marketers NOT Real Traders and Doesn’t Actually Work. Think of all those $99 “too good to be true” “millionaire with no effort” systems. Those pictures of jets and expensive boats.
  • System Didn’t Fit the Trader Using Said System
  • The Trader Didn’t Follow The Rules With any Consistency or Properly
  • System Was Used in Markets and in Ways It Was Not Designed to Function.

The reason I want to bring that list up is because the reality is that there is no silver bullet “perfect” “holy grail” system. There isn’t a miracle system you can simply purchase off the internet, plug into your MT4, and just start profiting from in every market with no effort on your part. This is the cold, hard truth about real trading.

Unfortunately, marketers will never use that in their sales pitch to get you to buy a system.

What Is The Best Forex Trading System?

Understanding the truth about the matter and accepting that will make you wonder. “Well, if there isn’t actually a “perfect and no-effort” system out there, can I even make money trading?”  The answer is a resounding YES!!!

Finding the right system has a lot to do with YOU rather than the system.  Below are some things I recommend getting a handle on before you can start making money with any system.

  • Educate Yourself On What Kinds of Different Approaches There are To Trading. (Fundamental, technical, long-term, short-term, trend-following, scalping, etc…)
  • Understand Your Own Personality, Time Constraints and Life Factors. These will Impact Your Ability or Desire To Use a Certain Type of System
  • Find a Great Community of Traders to Discuss Potential Systems With
  • Only Trade or Use a System that You UNDERSTAND. Know How It Works (no “magic” buy/sell arrows or “black box” trading systems)
  • Once Deciding on a System, STICK TO IT For at Least 3-6 Months. PROPER Use on a Demo Account to Verify it Will Work Properly

Finding the best forex system might be at the top of your list of priorities. However, to make money in trading, the actual “Best Forex System” is not the same for everyone. Only by understanding and educating yourself in the business of trading, knowing your own personality and limitations, along with what fits within your lifestyle will you be able to choose.

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