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Let’s Do This Together.

A Smarter Way To Learn. A Better Way To Get Things Done.

A Faster Path To Success. Lets make 2022 Your Year.

Successful students now have the chance to trade for clients and share up

to 55% of the profit every month on accounts up to $2 million.


Update January 2022: I will also mentor you to be successful in crypto investing & trading.

My portfolio is up over 1250% in 18 months!- ask for details.

I am now semi retired so can only take a few folks in 2022



Is This You?

Know you can succeed if only you had the proper training

You have been trying to trade for a living for years, you are so near to succeeding you can almost touch it, but then it eludes you again?

Or Maybe you are just starting out on the trading journey, but don’t want to “play at it” – you want to learn how to do this properly and are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve that goal.

Or you are doing reasonably well, just need that final push to help you across the line to enjoy the rewards you know are achievable?

I’ll get straight to the point. You want to trade like a professional & enjoy all the freedom and rewards that can bring. Maybe it’s because you’re tired of your current career. Maybe you are worried about your retirement. Maybe you are younger & want the freedom to live anywhere in the world

or simply it’s because you have a passion and want to finally master it. Or maybe it’s because you see the writing on the wall and feel like you need to get moving on something…like right now.

Or maybe you already have some success, but not enough to quit your current career. Maybe the progress has stopped. Or maybe it never started.

In any event, you turn somewhere or to someone to learn “wonder techniques” to start or grow your trading business. Video courses, webinars, mastermind groups…maybe some miracle software. It’s not that all of those things are bad, it’s just that you usually end up stuck because you “get what you get”. There’s no additional help. If you’re not sure which direction to go, what to do when stuff doesn’t work or run into technical challenges…well too, bad.

I know because I have been teaching people how to trade since 2008.

Those who REALLY want to succeed, need to stop playing at this or you will be in exactly the same place next year.

Stop treating it like a hobby.

Step up to the plate and go all in to finally crack this.

What you really need is a personalised plan to follow. Someone who has “been there and done that” to hold your hand and steer you to your goals.

So I decided to fix this by giving you personal coaching to go along with online training.

I’m calling it the Advanced  Forex Mentor Program.

Is This What You Need?

The Advanced Forex Mentor Program

Would You Like the Chance To Train Direct, "One To One" With Me

This is a unique, and strictly limited opportunity (Only a few places left in 2022) to start to work directly with me, a semi-retired professional trader, to seriously push your trading skills to the limit. AND selected top students will have the chance to trade for clients and make much more money!

This is the ultimate professional traders training program designed to transform you from where you are now to pro-level trader in the shortest time possible!

This exclusive personal coaching program is designed for people who REALLY want to become successful traders. It’s only for those who are serious about wanting to trade and enjoy the same rewards that professional, institutional, traders do.

Becoming a consistently profitable, professional trader IS attainable IF you acquire the skills and mindset of real professional traders and fund managers. This opportunity provides a clear pathway.

No matter whether you’re a complete trading novice; currently trading but losing; trading with some success but KNOW you can do much better. Or you’re an experienced trader looking to fine-tune your performance and squeeze those extra profits that will take you from being a successful trader to a superstar top earner, this Program is for you.

If you are serious about becoming a successful trader and even have the chance to get involved in the financial industry as a trader, trading our client funds with a substantial profit share each month then grab this unique opportunity NOW. These positions are virtually impossible to find, so if you want to take your trading to a new level, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this program while you can.

I have not had time to do this for the last few years but I enjoy working with motivated people and I want to give a few of you the opportunity to achieve your trading goals early next year. This will probably be the last time I run this advanced program.

So if you are really motivated and determined to make it as a trader, then let’s have a chat and convince me!

Here’s What You Get In

The Advanced Forex Mentor Program

One-On-One, Personal Coaching with Me (The Mentorship)

We will sit down and go through where you are right now & what you are trying to achieve. From this session, I will create a personalised, step by step training program, just for you. 

Each week you will send me your trading plan (I will teach you how to do this). I will give you feedback, the good, the bad & the ugly 🙂  At the end of the week, you will send me a copy of your journal and results. I will give you some software to attach to your account so I can keep an eye on your progress AND know if you are breaking the rules!

This will help you stop over trading and doing silly things, knowing you are being monitored usually has a dramatic effect on a retail traders performance. it will also help you create a track record. If you can make 3% to 5% per month, while controlling the drawdown, I can introduce you to client funds, if that’s a route you want to go down.

This helps to solve one of the biggest reasons why you fail with online training.  It makes you accountable, just like those traders working for a fund. Also, You now have someone to turn to when things go wrong or you don’t understand something. You have me to give you HONEST feedback &
a personalised plan of action.

Most struggling retail traders repeat the same mistakes over & over again, often for months and even years, Yet they KNOW they can do this. They know that with some focused help they can break through the glass ceiling and actually achieve all their trading goals.

  • You want to quit your job and trade full time? DO IT!
  • You want the freedom to live anywhere in the world? DO IT!
  • Want to retire early and without worrying about having enough money? DO IT

But now imagine this. You get stuck. You need help. Boom…you get that help quickly…straight from me. And you don’t need to schedule it a month in advance either. Or dig through a bunch of online lessons trying to find the answer yourself. I will help you create a personalized training program to finally help you achieve your goals.

Then, up to 10, private training sessions with me, to go over your progress and continue to speed full steam ahead to meet your goals. Every week, for 6 months, I will monitor your progress via sophisticated software. This same software will even advise you on how to improve your results. Hit a problem? Just contact me and we’ll get the problem taken care of. Sounds good, right?

I will also include 3 bonus one to one sessions with myself or a fundamental trading expert who will give you a layman’s guide to understanding fundamental analysis.

Those who can combine technical AND fundamental analysis have a greater chance of succeeding as a pro level forex trader.

It doesn’t matter what you need, I am available to you.  I will review your current progress, whether you are a complete rookie or a battered and bruised struggling trader. Maybe you are currently successful but want to improve your performance & trade for clients & share in the profits.

Wherever you are now on the trading journey I can also help you create a track record so that you will have the opportunity to trade for clients and share in the profits. If you don’t have enough money in your account to quit your job, how about trading a big account and sharing in the profits?

This personal mentorship is invaluable – and you get up to 4 hours each month*

For example, have you ever had a problem that needed to be fixed? And you were told you’d have to wait days or weeks until someone could look at it? But then you find someone who can fix it almost immediately. It’s wonderful when that happens, isn’t it? And that’s the experience I’m trying to provide you in the Mentor Academy…a level of personal service no one provides these days. No one

*most of my private students start with one session a week for the first few months, then twice monthly later on. it’s your call, we can work at your pace.

Advanced Forex Mentor Program Members-Only Training Videos

Every week I will send you personalised video feedback about your trading plans and performance and things you can do right now to improve straight away.

Sometimes there are things you need to learn that don’t require a full training course. For example, a technique, maybe you want me to look at a trading idea you have, maybe a new technology that is working really well (or an older one has stopped working). Or there’s something I’ve discovered that you can profit from right away. I will make you a short video and send it straight away.

If I spot a trade set up that needs acting on quickly.

That’s exactly what these members-only training videos are designed to do…get the most current information to you fast. For you, that means you’re always going to know what’s working best RIGHT NOW. And that’s so important because everything is moving so fast these days. But with the members-only training videos, you’ll never be left saying “I wish I had known about that earlier”. You get the most up-to-date training and techniques, all the time.

The Opportunity To Partner With Me In a Business

What does this mean? Well, if you want to trade for me or a fund, that is an obvious one! I also have former students who now have their own teaching businesses. Others who have created successful trading software. Some make extra income writing articles for me and other website owners and yet more who provide fundamental analysis.

If you want help and advice in creating your own cryptocurrency portfolio, or just how to trade it.

My clients have made incredible profits in the last 12 months and I believe this year will be even better.

Maybe you have an idea for a business (or have a business) but would like my team & I to run the tech or marketing stuff. Or have someone produce online training courses for your business, while you do the tech and marketing stuff. Or maybe you think one of my products could be tweaked to fit a market you’re an expert in.

Whatever the case may be, as part of the Advanced Forex Mentor Program, you can pitch me your thoughts on how you and I could work together. I’m an entrepreneur, so I don’t think any idea is stupid (if I did, some of my best selling products & services would never have been made). That just means you don’t need to be scared about pitching something to me. In fact, I want you to and would love to work on a project we could profit from together.

In other words, it’s an opportunity to merge your strongest assets with my strongest assets…and create something together.

How Much For All of This?

(Only a few places left in 2022)

You can take a 6-month forex accelerator program with me for just $8995*

*If you prefer to work with me for a full 12 months then we can discuss this

Yes, $8995 – that’s a 10% discount off the regular price for these last few places and the price will never be lower, and it’s still worth every penny!

Once this promotion ends I am reverting to $9995 and it’s still worth every cent!

*The training is designed to get you to pro level within 6 months, but you can make progress even faster if you wish.

  • It includes your own personalised, structured training program to follow each week.
  • up to 10 private training sessions with me, Marc Walton, that can be taken anytime over the six months.
  • Access and updates for my incredibly profitable crypto currency program and portfolio.
  • Bonus 3 private sessions with a pro trader for fundamental (global macro) training
  • Weekly feedback and performance review by me
  • Software.
  • The members-only training videos and the opportunity to partner with me.
  • I will help you build the monitored track record & recommend you to clients
  • The opportunity to trade our client funds (up to a $2 million account) & receive up to 55% profit share each month.

No, it’s not cheap and it’s not for everyone…but it can pay for itself many times over with the value you receive. 

You have the opportunity to master a skill that can give you a 6 figure income, ultra-low overhead business, work from home, live anywhere in the world, no staff, no boss, nada.

A university education nowadays takes at least 3 years & costs over $100.000 with no guarantee of a decent income at the end of it. $8995 is peanuts by comparison & gives you the chance to earn a 6 figure income from anywhere in the world.

Folks who joined me in my crypto program turned $10,000 into over $60,000 in less than 12 months.

So, if you are determined to finally “crack” forex, and you can afford the fees and are willing to put in 3 or 4 hours a week (mainly on a weekend) of effort then let’s have a chat and convince me!

The Big Catch

I’m Only Accepting a few people in 2022

Why am I limiting the number of people? Because I’m now semi retired &  giving up a lot of my time in the Advanced Forex Mentor Program and there’s only so much of me to go around. So I’ve always limited the number of people I let into the Advanced program.

Currently, I have a few openings available for students in 2022. Once those spots have been filled, I’ll close the Advanced Program to new members. In other words, I’m offering this special price to fill up the FMP Advanced Mentor Program for 2022.

This offer is only available to people who take advantage of it now. If you want to start later and reserve a place now, that may be possible, ask me.

I’ve made basic coaching offers before (that didn’t offer a value anywhere near this) and they sold out quickly. And with only a few spots open, that means if you’re at all interested in this, it’s best to jump on it now.

Here’s What To Do Next

Below you’ll find a link to my personal diary & email.  If you would like a no obligation chat, or you prefer, to write to me if you are interested and say which month you prefer to start. Also, which part of the world you are in and what times of day and days of the week you can attend the live sessions with me online.

You can join now for just $8995 for 6 continuous months (10% off the regular price of $9,995).

After you join, you can arrange our first session & we can get started straight away.

Just remember ONLY A FEW SPOTS REMAIN OPEN AND IT’S FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Once those spots are filled, I’ll close this offer and take this page down.

Best wishes

Marc Walton

P:S: Please note I only want to work with people who are highly motivated. I will do everything in my power to help you succeed but you need to do the work and study in between sessions. You need to be passionate about achieving your goals. If you are not, please do not waste your nor my time. I can’t work with people who don’t have the determination to succeed.

P.P.S: To weed out tyre kickers & wannabes I require a 10% deposit to reserve your place &  I will not give a refund if you change your mind. I have allocated time for only a few more new people in the next 6 months. Last time I offered this I had a LOT of people apply

P.P.S I haven’t offered this for a while and this may be the last time I do this, so if you really want this get a move on!

Grab Your Spot Here

I understand I will receive a personalised forex mentor program including weekly support, my feedback & monitoring & help to create a track record.
I understand I will receive personal coaching & mentorship from professional trader Marc Walton each month…on anything I want. Very cool.

I understand I will receive access to Marc’s crypto investing & trading program including his highly successful investment portfolio (currently over 1250% in profit).

I understand I will receive up to 3 sessions of global macro, fundamental training with Marc or one of our global macro experts.
I understand that after making my payment, I can get started just as soon as I choose.
I understand the price for enrollment in the Advanced Forex Mentor Program is $8995 for 6 continuous months (10% off the regular price of $9,995).
I understand this is a one time fee and there are no refunds. (If you wish to start later and pay installments, I may be able to help you, ask me)

I Currently only have a few places available in 2022.

You can book me for a 30 minute, no obligation chat to discuss this offer & whether its what you are looking for and if I feel that I can help you:

Click Here to See My Diary

or you can email me if you wish to be considered: [email protected]

Tell me a little about yourself and your trading progress to date.

What you are trying to achieve and how quickly. Also, advise me which months you would be able to start and what is your availability during the week for the one to one sessions*

*I live in the Canary Islands, which is London time. I prefer to work early morning or mid-afternoon my time. I have no weekend availability left at the moment.

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