Jason Vs Tony

One of them makes some money trading the other crushes it.

What’s the difference?

Jason Vs Tony

One of them makes some money trading the other crushes it.

What’s the difference?

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The unfolding of what’s to come in the following pages will open your eyes to two categories that we traders operate within.

Although Jason & Tony are not real per’se, their traits are very real and based on real humans.

A few things are about to hit home because your currently one of’em.

Which one?

Well, stick around.

Understand this, one of them makes little to no money in the forex market.

Well, nothing that’s going to break the bank anyway.

The other is consistently profitable.

Week after week.

Month after month.

One last thing.

There’s nothing to buy here.


In fact, I have a gift for’ya.

It’s my own 65-page guide to trading forex.

What you’ll learn in here some “Forex Guroos” would try and charge you $47.00 for and it would be worth it.

It’s got everything in there from trading around a day job to how to create your own rules and analyse trends.

Over 25,000 copies downloaded

Give it a read after you’ve gone through Jason’s & Tony’s story.

*No email required;)


…go get a drink, come back and get comfy.

This is Jason…

He’s been trading around 3 years now.

He uses multiple strategies on multiple time frames.

He likes to keep up with all the latest products to keep himself “attuned” to the market.


This is Tony…

Tony’s been trading forex the same amount of time as Jason.

It was hard for Tony in the beginning but he got rid of all the noise and focused in on a few core things.


$4000 for a forex course, what was I thinking…

…let me go back in time to give’ya some context

I started to learn how to trade back in 2002.

I paid over $4000 for a dvd course from a guy in the UK and thought I had arrived. (…wow dvd that makes me feel old)


I’m a trader now right. (I’m going to be rich in no time)

Or so I thought…

…3 years later I was about to take a hammer to my laptop.

I was pissed frustrated and lost a ton of money on these “push button” forex systems.

They didn’t work for sh*t.

Even worse, 3 years had flown by.



This is when I realised…

…without knowing at the time, that I was operating like a Jason.

*No email required.

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