I was a “Jack of all strategies”.

I was using around 6 different methods for getting into trades…

…and various others for getting out.

I always left money on the table and my charting screen was a mess.

To keep myself updated on the latest methods & tactics I joined every trader’s email list.

I was getting hit with the “latest & greatest” forex strategy every damn day.

1000 pip destroyer

Pip scraper 3000

Chart Magic 2.0

….i think you get the drift.

Every month I would purchase the latest new shiny forex method.


My Process Was Flawed


My thought process was…

…the more strategies and methods I knew, the easier it would be for me to trade and win.

I was an addict.

The big promise of “pushing two buttons” on the latest automated trading software was too good to pass up.

My process was flawed and looked something like this.

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JT Mindset

I was constantly being pulled in different directions.

-Elliot wave theory
-Fibonacci gold
-Scalp the day
-Breakout madness

I wasn’t a trader.

I was more like an opportunity seeker and I was losing money with every new strategy I applied.

I got caught in the noise of smaller timeframes trying to make that quick money with super tight stop losses.


I over traded and lost even more trying to recoup the money to get back to break-even.

My account was slowly decreasing over days and months.

My ego?


I wanted to win more than I wanted to learn.

My first year.

Not good.

…let’s call it a warm up.

Year two, I was going to crush it.

I mean the market chewed me up and spat me back out but I made it back from the battlefield alive.


No more shiny forex systems.

“I’m going to align my focus”…i said.

Be strict with myself…i said.

…that didn’t go quite to plan.




I went on a shopping spree.

Moving stop losses, changing limit orders.

Exiting trades that went slightly against me…only to watch them fly into profit.

I know you understand how this feels.

It hurts.

It’s painful.

The frustration then taken out on the market in the form of revenge.

Mel Gibson

(…that’s it I’m going full PAYBACK on the charts)

Didn’t end well.

…I lost weight.

I was zoned out every night.

My wife was getting sick of my addiction and the all too familiar response of…

…“I’ll be there in 5min honey, just setting up this last trade” was getting tiresome.

I never tracked any of my trades or made any attempt to understand why they were going wrong.

I just blamed it on the system or that particular indicator.

Year two, I was burnt out.

My results?

Below average.

A consistent strategy or method?

Not really.

I was using a ton of indicators and my focus was way off.

Then like a punch to the face.

A gift from the gods..

…a shift in my perspective.

I realised I was operating like a Jason.

(This Jason persona wasn’t even a twinkle back then)…

…at this point as a Jason, I had a mental & monetary ceiling that I was not even aware of at the time.

Your blind to it unless your awareness kicks in…

…part of was like “WO WO WO hold on a second here, theirs something funny going on.”

I mean I was seeing plenty of traders online making a ton of money.

The consistent profits.

The lifestyle.

People quitting their jobs.

…but for some reason that life was always just out of reach, I was starting to think that I wasn’t built for this. 

Tony however…

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