Meet Your Mentors

Right now you have the incredible opportunity to work directly with real-life professional traders in our brand NEW mini crash course!

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Marc Walton, Senior Mentor,
Founder of FMP

I created FMP back in 2008 after I had been posting my trading techniques on Twitter and had tons of people asking me to teach them how to trade. I have always loved teaching and so within a few short months Forex Mentor Pro was born. Since we began, we have taught well over 11,000 students and we have a 5* rating for our services.

I like to think that is it obvious how much we care about the success of our students, and I’d say it’s one of the things that makes us different. We have put a lot of effort into the education we give, even more so for our private clients.

Both Thinus and Ashley spent over a year working directly with me before I even considered them becoming mentors at FMP. We pride ourselves on our quality and after seeing their potential over the last 18 months, I have full confidence in them to teach you everything that I have taught them.

Below you will find a little bit about them both, to help you decide who you wish to work with. If you are still unsure at the end, not to worry, email us a little bit about yourself and we can help make the right choice for you.

Who Are Our Mentors?

Thinus Briers

Thinus 1

Thinus Briers

I began trading in 2020 as I was looking for a way to, at the very minimum, have an additional source of income. Now, after seeing the effects of the pandemic, I can see how imperative it is to not be reliant on just one source!

I’d always been interested in trading and acro economics in general, but when searching for ‘proper’ information online you quickly realise that there is literally endless information available. Some good, most bad. The problem I had was how do you know what is legitimate and what is not?
You don’t know what you don’t know and you can very quickly get lost in the weeds.


I was lucky enough to come across FMP with a google search pretty early on in my journey. I did what I thought was good due diligence and went to look at their reviews on Forex Peace Army. Fortunately there were only positive ones 🙂  

Once I was a little more familiar with the M2 system, I very quickly made the decision to take up private coaching with Marc. Private coaching has made all the difference for my trading and more than likely expedited the journey ten fold. Shortly after 6 months working privately with Marc, I managed to qualify for a funded account. I have also been fortunate enough to share my knowledge with other students for over a year now.  The main skillset I try to teach my students transcends a specific trading style and system (although this is important). I believe that treating trading like a business and understanding that this is a marathon and not a sprint is far more important.  Depending on your skill level, we will start with a month of ‘building blocks’, building a solid trading knowledge foundation. We will also focus on the business aspect of trading and a more detailed understanding of economic fundamentals. We will have a 1 hour face to face session per week with some additional work required over the weekend.
My goal is to help you through the noise and make things easier for you.

Who Are Our Mentors?

Ashley De Sousa

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Ashley De Sousa

My trading journey started at the end of 2019. I was 2 years into my job after graduating with a Shipping and Port Management degree. I found it very repetitive and almost knew what to expect going into the office every day.

I realised that I didn’t want to do this for much longer, so I began looking for something different.

I eventually came across forex signals and that’s how it all started. Signals weren’t profitable for me,  but I realized that if I knew what I was doing it could be a very rewarding career.

I started looking for courses that could teach me how to trade and found FMP. I was one of the lucky ones to find it right away. The content was great and had lots of educational videos for me to go through.

I decided to sign up for private coaching with Marc as I was serious about doing this properly. I really wanted to accelerate my learning!

Marc changed the way I was looking at charts and showed me to how to analyze trades using a top-down approach. Using the longer time-frames improved my results. He also helped me with the psychology of trading and explained to me that this is not a rich quick scheme and takes months of practice to get to the level he is at. After 6 months of joining FMP I got on to a funded account.

Today I trade with clients’ funds getting a share in the profits. I want to thank Marc for showing me the bright side of trading in the forex markets and also other things in life. 

I quit my job earlier this year and now I’m trading full-time and also working at FMP. I am ready to help people get to the level they want to be at in their trading careers.

Forex can be a very lonely game if you try to do this on your own.  As Marc has mentioned several times before, it will be one of the most frustrating things, but if your mindset is right, you will go a long way.

I am here to help you through it all and teach you exactly what Marc taught me throughout my journey. Are you still not profitable after trying for many months? Every time you open a trade the price moves against you? You feel like you are very close but something is missing from the puzzle? Maybe you are an emotional trader and feel stressed when you take trades, or maybe you simply want more freedom than what you have now. No matter what your goals are, I’m here to help you.

How it will work

Together we will create a business plan and work through the goals you want to achieve. I mainly use the M2 system to find my setups, but I’m also experienced using the Earth and Sky method if you choose to work on that. I also have some experience with price action analysis which is how I have been sharing some very profitable intra-day trades in our forum and my blog. So, if you want to improve on shorter time frames I can also help you with that. 

Let me know what you want to work on and i’ll do my best to meet your expectations within my private coaching sessions. 

Looking forward to seeing you.