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Right now you have the incredible opportunity to work directly with real-life professional forex traders in our brand NEW mini crash course!

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Marc Walton, Senior Mentor

Have you been trying to crack forex for a while and are feeling frustrated? Maybe you’re new to trading and you’re feeling extremely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information that there is out there.

Wherever you are on your journey, trust me, we get it. We have ALL been there.

I don’t know any professional traders who didn’t go through all the emotions that you are going through right now.

It took me 3 years of my life, -$20,000 and many, many struggles before I decided to hire a private mentor and finally get my act together.

I wasn’t ready to step up, until I was. 

If you want to stop playing at this, it’s time to start treating your trading like a business. Only then will things improve. If you are ready to up your game, we have something special for you.


Our Mini Crash Course!


You really want to make it as a pro.. there's just something missing.

Right now you have the opportunity to save yourself a ton of time and frustration by learning side by side with someone who has been where you are. Someone who is now trading for clients and sharing in the profits each month. 

We have created a new mini crash course where you will have direct access to one of our mentors. Including 4, onetoone private sessions over the course of one month.

What do you get?


Discover How to Trade Like a Pro With Step-by-Step Guidance!

During your private one-to-one sessions, your current progress will be assessed and together with your mentor you’ll create a personalised business and trade plan. This is key to building a solid base.

You will be shown how to do your analysis on a weekend and how to plan for the week ahead. You’ll discover where to enter, place stop targets and most importantly calculate the risk reward. You will be guided every step of the way.

You will submit your weekly trading plan (we will show you how) and receive feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly to help you improve your trading and for the entire month you will have priority support. If you’re stuck on something, you can ask your mentor instead of trying to find the answers yourself.

If there’s an area you wish to focus more on, just let us know! We will tailor our coaching to what you think you need, and what we know you need.

I can’t express enough how much having a mentor to guide me through the minefield that is forex trading changed my life. Having someone watching over me meant I couldn’t continue to make self-sabotaging, silly mistakes. I was being monitored constantly.

Within 12 months of working with a private mentor, I began trading for a $ multi-million fund!

I was kept accountable and now we are going to do that for you.

Who Are Our Mentors?


This is a new program we are developing and right now we have ex-private student of mine, Ashley D’Sousa working for FMP as a private mentor. Ashley has trained with me over the last 18 months and is ready to teach you everything that I have taught him, for a fraction of the price!

ashley 2

Ashley D’Sousa

Ashley holds a degree in Shipping and Port management.

He joined FMP just before the pandemic started in 2020.

Within 6 months of working with me privately, Ashley started trading on a funded account; while also working full time for an international supply chain company.

He has now quit his job to trade full-time and work with us here at FMP!

Ashley is very ambitious and is ready to teach you all that he knows to help you get to where you want to be.

“Throughout my 15 years of teaching, Ashley is one of my top students whose analysis is of a very high standard. He is a talented trader and I have full confidence in him as a private mentor, ready to help you on your journey”     – Marc Walton

How it Works

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Accountability & Support

Join us today and get started!

For us to keep you accountable and monitor your performance, you will attach www.myfxbook.com to your account. This allows our team to see your progress during the week and check that you are following your plan.

Knowing someone is watching over your shoulder usually improves folks performance overnight!

No more kidding yourself, moving stops nor all the other bad habits.

You have 4 x one hour, one-to-one sessions with your mentor of choice which are carried out over Zoom and recorded for you to keep.

How Much for Our 1 Month Private Coaching?

This is a spring special, for a one month crash course to supercharge your trading. You will receive:

green tick1 4 one-to-one private coaching sessions

green tick1A personalised business plan

green tick1A personalised trading plan

green tick1Weekly feedback and review of your trades for the week ahead

green tick1Premium support

green tick1 Someone to keep you accountable 

All of this for a one-off payment of ONLY $499! 🤩

This is the cheapest we have EVER offered any type of private coaching here at FMP.  This coaching has been priced this way so that it is affordable for everyone to try our private sessions.