The role of a Tony is altogether different.

A Tony isn’t lured into the never-ending whirlpool of email offers and “shiny forex push-button methods.

He knows that 95% of retail traders fail.

So he had to approach it differently.

If not, he’ll be swallowed up by the market.

Just another statistic.

Another dead body on the forex graveyard.

…and the bodies are piled real high. 

A Tony looks at himself first, like really looks.

…and writes this stuff down.

  • I have an addictive personality.
  • I’m impatient
  • I like to know how things work
  • I don’t want to sit in front of a screen all day
  • I like systems so I can be hands off
  • I’m a positive person
  • I can be too hard on myself at times.
  • I need a focus otherwise my attention is all over the place

Now Tony can laser focus in on what style of trading will be the best for him.

Day trading

Swing trading

Position trading

*Breakout trading* is my preferred, most profitable method. I show you in the video how to do it:

Being a Tony you learn that…

1) understanding who you are as an individual is key.

2) your level of trading education determines how fast you can move.

3) treating it like a business keeps you grounded.

Tony knew he didn’t want to sit in front of a computer all day because that sounds too much like a job.

He also knew he had an addictive personality.                                              

So he looked for a strategy that he could set up using limit orders then walk away from the screen and do something else.

When it comes to screen-time it can act as a double edge sword.

Not enough screen time you miss out on the nuances of the markets you trade.

To much screen time, you end up sabotaging your trades by fiddling with entries and exits.

…the mind begins to play tricks on you and you start doubting your positions based on short-term spikes.


Tony took more of a longer-term view.

Either trading with the trend or when markets faltered; a swing trading approach.

He was in trades for hours, sometimes days.

Routine was everything.

….a plan for every morning.

Victory Loves Preparation


A Tony is systematic.


An average trader feels good when they win.

Tony “feels nothing”.

Tony also wants to make money now.

Not by going into trades gung-ho, but by having a mentor that guides him to entries pre-market open.

This was key when I first started to make money.

It increased my confidence in the method itself.

I would make withdrawals with the profit.

It would let me know that it’s real.

It let me know this is possible.

It almost felt like I was cheating.

Tony uses proper risk management with every trade.

For every $100 I would risk.

I would look to win a minimum $250 and would never take a trade unless the market offered up that scenario.


I could lose 50% of the time and still have a killer month.

Tony knows this is a business, and every business knows what’s making them money and what isn’t.

Journaling lets you know where you’re at.

You can’t tell yourself any lies.

A Tony knows trading is 90% planning and 10% execution.

You can’t control the markets, but you do have control over you.

So I ignored everything out there.

I mean everything.

I studied my strategy day in and day out.

I became a master of the process.

“Re-read that last sentence again, let it sink in”.

A Tony uses higher time-frames so he doesn’t get caught in all the noise on 5 -15min charts.

In fact, this opened me up to a whole new world.

Made my trading more simplistic.

Less stress.

More time freedom.

More money.

Let me demonstrate this to you in the video below.

Then take it for a test run.

Let me know how you get on.

You’re welcome.


I started getting good.

Real good.

Managing a 7 figure account for a fund from the comfort of my home.

…that kinda good. 

More about that another time.

Lets look at Tony’s mindset.

Burn it into your mind-space.

Click Image To Expand

Tonys mindset

It’s about focusing on one core trading strategy.

Once you got it.

You then ignore everything else.

There is no magic trick.

No one technique.

No ultimate strategy.

At the end of the day if you want to become a market athlete, a magician of charts.

It boils down to one thing…

*No email required.

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