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MARK, Australia, Feb 11, 2017
Forex Mentor Pro Testimonials

Brilliant service. One of the best forex organisations I have seen.
Excellent analysis and has helped me make over 23% gain for the month.
I will stress this is not the only information I use to trade but their system is spot on and I am very impressed so far with the site and people.
Well done

forexandi, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Dec 11, 2016
Turned my trading around

I have been trying to trade for many years, and have a personal deadline which I need to try and meet to be successful. I’ve tried lots of courses, systems, indicators and every other type of trading magic bullet that you can think of, but none of them have come close to Forex Mentor Pro. The one thing that it does teach you is that there is no overnight success in trading, it takes hard work, dedication and commitment. To some extent it also takes repetition and structure, something that Marc and his team are very good at providing. The regular webinars and trading sessions that are made available are extremely valuable and teach a level of discipline that you won’t see in many other areas, and the style of trading is also far more relaxed as they tend to focus on longer term charts.

I have to say had someone who almost gave up trying Marc has managed to turn my trading career around over the course of time of which I am extremely grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend, and personally I would recommend the lifetime membership, you certainly won’t regret it.

Cheers, Andi

Adrian Boshoff, South Africa, Jul 4, 2016

Thank you a million times for your coaching and mentoring.
I’ve been struggling with useless forex programs and strategies for over 10 years now, and I’m looking forward to actually LEARN from masters how to properly trade, and see a turn-around in my trading. I’m busy going through the videos and they are very informative and insightful, and after 10 years of stuffing around with forex, I have still learnt a lot from FMP and understanding the forex markets better. I am planning to demo trade until end of July and if all goes well (and I know with discipline from my side it surely will), throw in some real money and eventually start my successful trading career after 10 years.
God bless you guys for an honest service that you provide and a mighty fine job that you’re doing.
To you reading this, looking for a decent fx program / mentoring that will actually WORK, I have tried many many programs and cr** in the last 10 years. FORGET ABOUT TRYING TO AUTOMATE YOUR STRATEGY! Get FMP, learn everything there is to learn, make time daily to manually check and do what you have learnt, and you will be successful. Don’t throw away 10 years of your life like I did. Automatic and forex DO NOT GO TOGETHER! PERIOD! Trading is a job, that needs a human brain, and it is certainly worth it at the end of the day.
Happy trading!

David Summer, London, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2016-04-03
Review:Before joining ForexMentorPro I had spent years trying to become successful at Forex trading, trying so many different systems. After wiping my account in a few acts of desperation and frustration, I eventually gave up convinced it is a game just for professionals.

With joining ForexMentorPro which I stumbled upon purely by accident, my eyes have been opened. Watching the bi weekly webinars of what professional traders are planning and then actually doing is what has turned my trading around.

There is so much B******T in this space with robots that will make you 10000% per month etc, it is fantastic that this site was created where honest professional traders are teaching me to become a better trader.

There are no short cuts or push button systems, and if you are new to trading don’t expect to be making money a month after you join. But with joining ForexMentorPro you will be on the right path of building your knowledge, developing your discipline, and finding trading systems that work for you.

Steve C, Durham, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2015-12-09
Review:Joined FMP in October and have found the content and blogs to be extremely helpful. The content is great, very clearly presented and these guys obviously know what they are doing.
I completed the training material and took on the M2 method.
Since then I have also joined the Fotis Trading Academy which is also run by Marc. This has opened my eyes even further and is a must if you want to trade seriously and profitably. Again the content and proprietary information and indicators provided are exceptional.
After listening and learning for three weeks I started to trade with their methods and in week one gained over 400 pips. Already 100 pips up on one trade this week!!
I cannot stress enough how valuable I have found FMP and then Fotis Trading Academy….
Thank you

Thomas, Orgiva, Spain

Date of Post:2015-03-21
Review:I would like to comment on “Phillip from California’s” review. I have been a member of for over 3 years. I now trade full time as result of their training and support and find the site, training and mentors to be both top quality and they offer great support too. The only “upsell” they have is that original members asked if they could do a lifetime membership offer, which they agreed to at less than $300! I took it and it’s the best investment I have made for forex training EVER. By now it works out that I have paid less than $8 a month and its still running. I don’t know if they still offer it but if they do then take it.

Yes the videos in the education area were recorded a few years ago, but who cares, if it works then there is no need to change it., What they do offer and Phillip forgot to mention is that every trading day they provide a blog post (most with videos) showing what they intend to trade and why. This technical and fundamental analysis from working traders alone is worth ten times what they charge. Also which other site allows you 7 days full access for a $1 and if you don’t like it they will give you the money back?

Members also have live access 5 days a week to full time pro trader Pierre, in the forum. He shares his trading ideas, as do many senior members who also trade for a living and he and they are happy to help newbies with tips and advice. So how can it be claimed that there is “no mentoring”?

Finally, I have over the years had numerous support tickets (some quite lengthy, personal issues I was having with my trading and must have taken the mentors hours to reply to) all included in the membership. I cannot believe that something of such decent quality, from working traders for less than $50 a month can be regarded as anything less than 5*

Robert, Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Post:2015-03-21

I have found FMP to be an excellent source of learning material. In reply to the previous post about “one on one” mentoring, I have had this myself with one of the mentors, it is separate to the mentor pro course, but if you want it you can easily get in touch with the mentors and schedule a session. What you have to remember is that there is 100s of members and it will just be impossible for them to try and fit in “one on one” sessions with everybody as theres just not enough time in the day and people would be waiting weeks for their session.
I find the videos are brilliant and even though they were recorded a while ago what they are teaching is still very much relevant today and support and resistance is a fundamental part of any technical analysis.
The Forum is a very active with Pierres Earth & Sky system and there are a lot of members using this and posting and helping each other out.
I also like that the forum has no bitching and moaning and slagging off other members going on in it like I’ve seen in so many others.
I started off with the STT system as that is the easiest and as an absolute beginner the others were a bit confusing to start with, I’ve now settled on the M2 method but it’s taking a couple of years to get there, during this time I’ve stayed at FMP and have found it to be a great resource of education and support from members and mentors alike, I am now trading profitably and my monthly subscription is covered by my trading.

At only $1 for a weeks trial it’s well worth checking out, after a week you’ll be able to decide whether or not you think it’s for you.


Forex Mentor Pro Testimonials

Martin (Tokolosh), perth , Australia

Date of Post:2015-03-21
Review:To start off with ………no I am not an affiliate. I have however been a satisfied member since 2008. Forexmentor Pro has taken me from being a rookie gambler to a trader who now wins more than I lose. Quite a claim.

I have been provided with a solid, comprehensive education from the education section.

Good trading to all


Ken E, Colorado, USA

Date of Post:2014-08-09
Review:Trading Forex isn’t easy but the guys at Forex Mentor Pro have helped me become a better trader simply by following their trading techniques over time.

After a while you begin to adapt to their trading strategies and eventually you are like a youngster learning to ride a bike where you no longer need an adult to help make sure you don’t fall and can start riding yourself. In fact that is their goal to teach you well enough you can start trading on your own using strategies and techniques they teach. They give you an overview of the market through the week and give you ideas and explain why and where they may enter a trade however they don’t expect you to just blindly take the trade but review and make your own decisions.

If you ever have questions or need help they have an active forum you can engage in.

Marc and the rest of his team seem to be honest, straight shooting teachers that promote a no nonsense, low risk method of tackling the ever changing Forex market.

Tony Dawson, Brisbane, Australia

Date of Post:2014-04-03
Review:G’day to all who are reading this review…
I have been trading for about 18 months live, and have found it very hard to get the information the I need to complete the Forex puzzle… I can trade, but would prefer to have a mentor to check in with from time to time so I can ask the many questions I have.

I have found many alleged mentors out there who are quite happy to help relieve a few thousand dollars from you, and refer you to others who will fleece some more from you, and after that, you are no better off than when you started with their wonderful programs and seminars…
Fortunately, I am not one of those who have been fleeced, but I know many who have! I prefer to do my research first, by asking Mr Google about the reviews on other people who have had hard and expensive time looking for the help they need at the right price, as a good education isn’t free, but you shouldn’t be a millionaire to pay for it either…

Anyway, I would just like to say that Marc and the team at FMP are very professional, helpful, and very prompt in replying to you tech support and general help via the FMP website forum.I only joined last Monday 31/3/14, and I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of very informative education FMP has, the videos are clear, simple and easy to understand. I had a few tech problems with indicators (as many did) as the new mt4 build 600+ doesn’t like to load the indicators as easily as previous builds, one of the team members, Capsmart, was brilliant.

I am in Australia, and I don’t know what time zone he was from, but he help me with many different solutions to resolve my problem quickly, basically, in the few hours of huge purchase of not $5000, or $1000, not even $500, but just $1 ($1.15 AUD) that’s it…
I was so impressed and happy that I have just purchased a one-time full membership, and I have been a member not even a week.

I have been making good money on the trades I’ve placed since joining, by using their simple strategies.I would, and will thoroughly recommend FMP to anyone who is struggling,or just needs a little guidance in their trading. After all, you only have to pay a One Dollar!

Robbie, Thames, New Zealand

Date of Post:2014-03-19
Review:I have been with FMP right from when it first started and have found it to be professionally run and one of the best places for learning how to trade. I have only recently become consistently profitable and that was through what I learnt at FMP and a lot of trial and error! I have read the poor reviews about FMP and I think these people were looking for something that would have them pro in 5 minutes, I have been in the same position as them and felt like giving up, but if you’re passionate about something you don’t give up after a couple of months, it’s taken me 5 years!
I recommend FMP for everything that all the other reviewers have mentioned.
Just remember it’s not going to happen over night!cheers

Ady, Scotland, United Kingdom

Date of Post:2014-02-02
Review:Unlike most of you who will read this I am completely new to forex trading. I haven’t spent hundreds and thousands on dodgy systems and bots and I’ll never need to! I feel sorry for those of you who have, and privileged to have found FMP right at the start of my journey. I have been a member of FMP for about three months and have spent most of that time trading a demo account on the advice of one of the mentors Marc Walton. I’ve taken a few trades on a live account over the last few weeks and hit the ground running. Thanks FMP! 🙂

I have only seen a couple of negative reviews of the site which if you want to read you can flick through to later pages to find. They seem to focus on “the system” which for whatever reason wasn’t working for them. Mabey they wanted a copy and paste get rich quick scheme. This ain’t it!

Let me dispel the myth.
FMP doesn’t teach a system. At FMP you will learn a whole hoard of “strategies” not just from the mentors but from some of the more experienced members on the site as well. If someone reads one of the blogs and takes a trade based on what a mentor thinks ‘might’ happen with a pair for the week and if it all goes wrong he only has himself to blame because we’re all taught how to spot reaction and changes in the direction of price… to look for confirmation before jumping in with two feet!

The site layout is easy to navigate with each mentor having their own blogs that they update twice weekly and with threads at the bottom for members to ask questions which are always promptly answered.
I can’t say that the education section of the site is second to none because it’s the only education I’ve had but all the other members do. 😉 and anyway, it’s making me money!
Last but not least we have a forum! The forum is literally a chatroom where everybody tells me.. err.. each other what trades they’re in and taking and why. This truly is the best educational tool on the site. There’s always someone available to ask questions to and bounce ideas off of and it’s always buzzing on a Friday with all the happy people who’ve made hundreds of pips for the week.

I joined on a weeks trial for about 80 pence hoping to suck up as much knowledge as I could then move on to something else. I quickly found out that knowledge is nothing without experience and that’s why I’m still on the site learning from the mentors and other members alike.

Try it! What have you got to lose? 😉 joke!, 80 pence!!

Eliza, , Belgium

Date of Post:2013-11-26
Review:These guys are really into the business of trading no into the business of Marketing trading. Their material is clear , to the point and they teach you how to analyze the market and trade it profitably.
I would recommend the site to everyone.

Jack Hudson, North Carolina, USA

Date of Post:2013-09-06
Review:If you’re new to trading Forex and are hungry to learn, you recognize by now the internet is littered with everyone selling systems,methods and various forms of training.

And If you’ve been navigating these shark infested waters determined to make a go of it, you recognize by now you are going to need some guidance, and that you will likely have to invest some money in getting an education so you can start in your new Forex ” Business”.

Well if you fit the above description I have wonderful news for you, and it is what I recently discovered at

This is some of the most well structured,clearly explained step by step training on Forex trading I’ve found anywhere,and I have spent countless hours researching such things both here at Forex Peace Army and elsewhere.

I’ve paid more than double for far less value than these gentleman are giving you here, and I’m impressed they have structured this business model in such a way that you don’t have to drain your bank as a member while learning to trade.

Here you will find foundational learning, tools you will need to structure your business,along with expert training on several trading systems you could learn or even decide from the beginning which one would best suit your style of trading.(Swing,Trend,etc.)

All of this you can take at your own pace which really helps if your like me, working a full time job while learning to trade.

Additionally, they have forums within the membership where you can interact with others who are on various legs of the journey from beginner to expert.

Add to that daily and weekly overall guidance on the markets from mentors who themselves are trading.This is designed to help with the learning curve and narrow your focus, giving you the best chance for success if your disciplined and committed.

You will also learn from them to eliminate the common errors that cause far to many to fail in this business.

I’ve narrowed things down myself in this new learning of the Forex markets and knew already which way I wanted to take my trading. I was delighted that these men were in the exact same vein I wanted to be in, but for far less than I would have paid and extremely well structured.

They strike me as men of the highest integrity, evidenced by the fact that they will even allow you to try the membership for seven full days free without even requiring ANY payment information.

Try finding that anywhere on the internet.

I’ve discovered free things on the internet related to Forex and teaching.I can assure you it is nowhere near the quality of this.

Dirk Martens, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of Post:2013-05-01
Review:Hi I would like to tell that Forex Mentor Pro is a great tool to use.

For me it was a great starting point. The problem as many of you know for sure is that there is so much information about Forex trading and you can search endlessly. My advice is to use this as a point to start. It gives you direction/clarity and helps you focus on what essential; learning to trade consistently profitable.It was of great use for me. I found after a period of 6 months that it was time to trade completely on my own without any help. Other people enjoy FX mentor pro for years (while being very successful). The good thing is that you can apply for a small amount of money (for the information/knowledge that is available) and stop the subscription at any moment.I hear from people: There is enough around for free.Well it’s very simple, sure there is so much for free. But nothing is placed in a logical order like this with proper guidance. So I wish you good luck with creating your own understanding and way of working within the FX markets to be consistently profitable with all those pieces of information.Marc Dean and Pierre are always reacting to emails and providing answers with your personal issues.I hope it works for you as well!