Marc Walton

Veteran Forex Mentor and trader. Retired Fund Manager

Forex Mentor

My main focus now is to teach other people how to successfully trade like a pro. There’s no BS marketing tricks. You will not get rich quick BUT you can make a serious income from trading forex if you discover how to treat it like a business.

Semi-retired trader &
Ex fund manager

After many years as a professional trader and fund manager I decided to stop trading full-time in 2020. I wanted to semi-retire, travel around the world and focus more on my students at Forex Mentor Pro.

Alternate Investor

I traded stocks in the dot.com boom in the late 90’s. Invested in gold and other commodities. In 2020 I moved into crypto with my group and started buying Bitcoin at $8k and rode it up to $64k. In 2023 I am focussing on metals and mining stocks.

Hi, I’m Marc!

I retired from full-time trading in spring 2020. I now focus on running Forex Mentor Pro, which is my passion. On top of that I take on a few private clients each year who wish to fast track their trading progress. I also actively invest in metals and mining stocks.

I sold my very successful business in the UK in 2000 & emigrated with young family to the Canary Islands. I lived out my desire to be a singer for the first few years and on the side I was trying to learn how to trade (badly!). After losing +$20k in trades & spending another $10k on wonder systems, I was on the verge of quitting. 

I needed to make a drastic change because I knew that if I continued like this, I would eventually have to move my family back to the UK, which I really didn’t want to do.

After working privately with a mentor for 6 months, I managed to turn things around. I became consistently good at taking trades and was introduced to a fund in the US. I began trading their account while living in a beautiful part of the world, trading for just a few hours a day.

No boss, no staff, no commute, no hassles.

I earned more money from trading than when I employed over 20 people + all the stress that went with it.

My Career Path

I traded stocks throughout the dot.com boom in the 90’s

I built 3 “brick and mortar” businesses from scratch, starting out with no money and just a dream in mind. I was determined to make it work and this burning desire enabled me to semi-retire aged 40.

My wife and I became property investors and bought a number of houses using a strategy that a successful friend of mine kindly shared with us.

I started trading forex in 2002

In 2005 I was introduced to a fund in the US and began trading their account

By 2006 I was trading $million funds for private clients. To do this successfully, I needed to become an expert on world financial markets.

I started posting my trades on Twitter and built up a following of interested traders. I received many requests asking me to teach others how to trade like a pro.

In 2008 I launched Forex Mentor Pro; an online training education site that has helped over 12,500 students. We have a 5* rating on our mentorship program which is something we are extremely proud of.

Over the years I received requests from some of my students asking to work with me 1:1, so I began offering private lessons to just a handful of people each year. I still do this to date.

In 2019 I began investing in cryptocurrencies and in 2020 I launched a new site teaching folks how to invest in crypto. I shared my portfolio of coins with my students and some of them saw over a +1000% ROI. These times were crazy!

I semi-retired from trading in 2020 as I wanted to travel more. Now my main focus is on Forex Mentor Pro and my private clients. 

2023: I am actively investing in metals and mining stocks.

Forex Mentor Pro is an online education platform teaching folks how to trade forex like a pro.

Whether you are completely new to trading, or if you have been struggling for a while and really want to take this seriously, FMP is for you.

We offer monthly, annual and lifetime memberships.

If you wish to take it a step further, I also have a handful of spots open each year for 1:1 clients.

Please note there is usually a waiting list and I will only work with people who are really committed to putting in the work.

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The biggest question we get asked? "Why on earth are you so reasonably priced?"
Our founder’s philosophy is that education should be available to all at a reasonable price. When Marc started learning how to trade back in 2002 he came across many supposed forex mentors who were simply on a mission to make money selling coaching. He fell for several ‘get rich quick’ scams, just like many of you have.
“I know how hard it is without the correct guidance, and I don’t want people to struggle unnecessarily like I did. People are understandably wary with Forex coaches & mentors and from past experience, I know why!” Marc Walton
Do I need to pay for anything else once I join?
No! Everything is included. Our trading software is available at no cost as long as you are a member and you can download the trading software, free of charge from our recommended forex brokers.
Is the guarantee real?
Yes, if for any reason you decide this is not what you are looking for, simply submit a ticket within 30 days and we will refund you the full amount. We only want members who are happy.
Do you offer private coaching?
Subject to our head trader, managing partner, Marc Walton having the time & if he believes he can help you, then you can apply for one to one coaching. There is usually a waiting list. You can check out the details here: