Marc Walton

Veteran Forex Mentor and trader. Retired Fund Manager

Forex Mentor

My main focus now is to teach other people how to successfully trade like a pro. There’s no BS marketing tricks. You will not get rich quick BUT you can make a serious income from trading forex if you discover how to treat it like a business.

Semi-retired trader &
Ex fund manager

After many years as a professional trader and fund manager I decided to stop trading full-time in 2020. I wanted to semi-retire, travel around the world and focus more on my students at Forex Mentor Pro.

Alternate Investor

I traded stocks in the dot.com boom in the late 90’s. Invested in gold and other commodities. In 2020 I moved into crypto with my group and started buying Bitcoin at $8k and rode it up to $64k. In 2023 I am focussing on metals and mining stocks.

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Hi, I’m Marc!

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I retired from full-time trading in spring 2020. I now focus on running Forex Mentor Pro, which is my passion. On top of that I take on a few private clients each year who wish to fast track their trading progress. I also actively invest in metals and mining stocks.

I sold my very successful business in the UK in 2000 & emigrated with young family to the Canary Islands. I lived out my desire to be a singer for the first few years and on the side I was trying to learn how to trade (badly!). After losing +$20k in trades & spending another $10k on wonder systems, I was on the verge of quitting. 

I needed to make a drastic change because I knew that if I continued like this, I would eventually have to move my family back to the UK, which I really didn’t want to do.

After working privately with a mentor for 6 months, I managed to turn things around. I became consistently good at taking trades and was introduced to a fund in the US. I began trading their account while living in a beautiful part of the world, trading for just a few hours a day.

No boss, no staff, no commute, no hassles.

I earned more money from trading than when I employed over 20 people + all the stress that went with it.

My Career Path

I traded stocks throughout the dot.com boom in the 90’s

I built 3 “brick and mortar” businesses from scratch, starting out with no money and just a dream in mind. I was determined to make it work and this burning desire enabled me to semi-retire aged 40.

My wife and I became property investors and bought a number of houses using a strategy that a successful friend of mine kindly shared with us.

I started trading forex in 2002

In 2005 I was introduced to a fund in the US and began trading their account

By 2006 I was trading $million funds for private clients. To do this successfully, I needed to become an expert on world financial markets.

I started posting my trades on Twitter and built up a following of interested traders. I received many requests asking me to teach others how to trade like a pro.

In 2008 I launched Forex Mentor Pro; an online training education site that has helped over 12,500 students. We have a 5* rating on our mentorship program which is something we are extremely proud of.

Over the years I received requests from some of my students asking to work with me 1:1, so I began offering private lessons to just a handful of people each year. I still do this to date.

In 2019 I began investing in cryptocurrencies and in 2020 I launched a new site teaching folks how to invest in crypto. I shared my portfolio of coins with my students and some of them saw over a +1000% ROI. These times were crazy!

I semi-retired from trading in 2020 as I wanted to travel more. Now my main focus is on Forex Mentor Pro and my private clients. 

2023: I am actively investing in metals and mining stocks.

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Forex Mentor Pro is an online education platform teaching folks how to trade forex like a pro.

Whether you are completely new to trading, or if you have been struggling for a while and really want to take this seriously, FMP is for you.

We offer monthly, annual and lifetime memberships.

If you wish to take it a step further, I also have a handful of spots open each year for 1:1 clients.

Please note there is usually a waiting list and I will only work with people who are really committed to putting in the work.