Hi, this Brexit nonsense is now in its 4th year. Only a few more weeks to go but it managed to shaft me again this week.

I made a plan on Sunday as ever. Then I showed in the live session how I implemented it on the Gbp/$. It made 100 pips profit at which point I took half of the profit and left the balance to run risk free.

This year more than most I have taken partial profits due to the amount of times when price moves so far and then flips the opposite way ( I show in the short video how to do this).

My hope was that there would be some positive Brexit news and it might shoot up as far as 1.4000 woohoo 🙂

Then surprise, negative news from the EU side again and it dropped and took me out 🙁

Check out the short video. Things to note. I made a plan and then traded it.



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