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Thank you for taking the time to view our service here at Forex Mentor Pro, we have answered some of the more frequently asked questions below in the FAQ table.

If you can't find the answer to your question in the FAQ please feel free to contact us via email using the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions
I work full time, can I still make use of your service and trade around my job?

Full time trader and founder of Forex Mentor Pro, Marc trades Forex from his home in the sunny Canary Islands specialising and teching his own M1-M2 trading systems.

Is your 1 week trial really free? Whats the catch?

Yes of course, if you decide its not for you just contact us during the trial period and we will cancel any further membership fees for you.

How long will it take me to become a profitable trader?

This varies from trader to trader so we can not give you an exact amount of time, some members pick it up quickly and excel while others take much longer.

Do I need any other expensive services to learn to trade, like charting?

No, we will show you where you can get a charting platform and everything you need for free. You can use a free demo account while you learn so there is no other cost involved.

Do you offer a signal service so I can copy your trades?

No, we are not a signal service. Our aim is to teach you how to find profitable trades for yourself so you are not reliant on us. In our daily video analysis we do show in advance where and why we are looking for trades but these are for educational purposes only and not intending as signals.

What's the minimum amount I can trade with on a live account?

With some of our recommended brokers you can open a live trading account with as little as $200 but we always recommend that you start on a demo account until you have a firm grasp of trading.