Hi everyone…..

What a hectic week for me….Covid, power cuts – internet problems…..not cool.

My middle child had all the symptoms so we had to test her. What a anxious 2 days we had waiting for the results. Thankfully it came back negative.

On top of it we have new lock down rules that came into play on Sunday so once again…no alcohol sales and back to a curfew…..

Plus we have power cuts again and the internet services are playing up too as the towers don’t like the power cuts……

Then on top of that one of our mates with his own business took his own life yesterday after financial pressure and a business that was closed under the lock down regulations for the last 3 months….

So all and all….a real @#$%^&*()

but hey……this is it…..dont cry for me Argentina

Let look at some charts….

Looking at my cart then the best pairs standing out for me will be the Euro/Dollar at the moment.

The main trend is long but we hit the WR2 pivot at 1.1436 and we have 60 min divergence so possible correction might be on its way….. areas to look for longs will be at 1.1367 ( WR1 pivot now a support pivot) and 1.1328 and 1.1300 areas too.

Also keep an eye on the Aussie/Dollar

We have a double top in place at the MR1 pivot at 0.7100 where possible counter shorts can set up from.

then we have the Dollar/CHF…..

We have a roadblock at the 505 fib at 0.9500 where we also have monthly pivot and 200 EMA and a 34 EMA to give resistance to short from…if it pops then look at the 55 EMA at 0.9534 area

and then lastly the Euro/GBP

We had a long zone and price found support from the 75% fib….currently in no mans land…but the 0.8938 areaa at the 75% fib will stay key support for me…. I will also be keen for possible short from the top at 0.9200 area again if we get there.