Part 1 Summary

In this first section (recorded over a period of a week) week I have shown you a very simple forex strategy based around the fundamentals of support & resistance. Every forex trading system is based around, or will benefit from, your being able to spot these areas. I have shown you horizontal & vertical support & resistance, trend lines, channels and included fibonacci which I will explain in more detail later in the course.

lessons-learnedIf you can master support & resistance you are half way to becoming a successful forex trader.

Part 2

Part 2 which will be released to you in a couple of days. I will show you how to:

Plan a trade in advance.

Calculate the risk versus reward ratio.

Identify low risk, high potential winners. Where to place stops. Targets.

I will also introduce you to some of my favourite emas (mobile support & resistance) and cover fibonacci in more detail.

You of course may decide to trade using the simple strategy I have shown you in this first week. However you do need to expand your general knowledge before placing trades using real money. If you have any questions please contact us suing the box at the top of the page.

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Week 1 Summary