Hi, in todays session we focused a bit more on potential forex trades, both M2 longer timeframes & Earth & SKy.

I cautioned

Pierre only trades his Earth & SKy Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday & occasionally Friday morning. I cautioned on Sunday that I thought the $ would at the very least pause for breath this week, so far that is playing out.

As a result, most E & S levels have broken already BUT if you followed the rules and waited until today to trade it, you should have avoided the pain. Pierre did his analysis last night. By this morning things had changed significantly on some pairs…see the video.

I started the session as ever looking at all markets. Understanding how action in stocks impacts currencies, bonds etc will make you a much better trader. I have covered this in-depth on numerous occasions, check out my blog posts if you are new.

How and where I buy gold

I have shown in detail in previous posts about how I gold and silver & have shared in the forum when I have bought more. In answer to a question from member Jessica, today I showed inside one of my family members account how to buy it in real time and why we do so in a Switzerland to keep it away from governments and prying eyes!

Here is where I buy physical gold which I do not take delivery of for reasons explained in the video: Bullion vault

In the USA Goldsilver.com do a similar job. As ever do your own research.

I also talked about my reasoning to believe that this week we would “probably” see the $ retrace & a slight chance of a reversal. The latter seems unlikely at the moment.

I covered the subject in detail in my weekend analysis which you can find here if you need a refresher:

Possible reversals ahead?


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