Hi, Marc Walton here, managing partner at Forex Mentorpro. Members see from the analysis in my blog inside the site (there are also examples on here and our Youtube channel)that I use a number of chart set ups when doing my technical analysis. From a simple plain white chart with just candlesticks, up to my M2 system with all the bells and whistles 🙂

This video clip was taken from the first live training session we held this week.

I was showing members trades that had won as a result of this weeks analysis from last Monday as well as some very big potential moves (2000 pips in total) that I am looking at for the following week (s).

I also explain how Judith made 130 pips on the initial break on the Euro/Gbp, which I didn’t take. I am at the time of writing, waiting for it to give me an M2 break out, pull back entry. I was asked in the session by a member, why do I prefer this? I find it more profitable (often requires a much smaller stop) and less stressful than trying to jump into a trade that is moving very fast. That comes down to your own psyche when trading.

This week I hosted our first live training session along with my trading partner, Fotis Papatheofanous MBA and fellow Forex Mentorpro mentors: Pierre du Plessis & Judith Waker. During the session we reviewed trades that we took this week from last Sunday’s analysis and some BIG trades that we have on our radar. We also revealed our new software that is being given to members. Keep your eye out here on the blog or our Youtube channel:

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