Hi, How to Trade Summer Forex Markets.

this is a recording of Tuesdays live training session that we host every week for members.

As ever I shared my trading ideas and the two that I focused on helped members bank well over 100 pips net, which in summer markets is extremely satisfying.

Especially when you consider that last week we had over 75 pips and well over 500 pips in July!

All from trades that were planned in advance.

On Sunday, as ever I shared with members my trading plan for the week ahead using the methods that we teach here at Forex Mentor Pro:

This Weeks Shorter Forex Analysis

In the live session I looked at all 3 of our methods and they all confirmed my thoughts from Sunday.

Its the summer market syndrome. There is not a lot happening. It happens every year as a large number of big firms traders are on holiday.

As traders, we have 2 choices. Walk away or adapt. July was surprisingly easy to make profitable trades. Last week was reasonable too, but you can’t win them all. My Nzd/Cad which worked twice in recent weeks lost today.

However, check out my explanation of what I was going to do with the Euro/Yen and Gbp/Cad which both went on to win.

I started the session showing the M3 which, combined with the M2 & E & Sky could be the best option. As ever look at the big picture on the M2. Plot the main areas of support and resistance and see if you can find an entry on the shorter timeframe.

A good example of this today was the Euro/Yen which I planned from Sunday. It gave a signal on the M3 too. I also like the look of the Gbp/Cad. Check out the recording to see how the pros trade these kinds of markets so you can do so too 🙂

So how did we do for the week from just 3 trades, orders placed, walk away? Check out the next post fo find out…


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How to Trade Summer Forex Markets