Live: M2 trading FX, crypto & stocks

Hi everyone, 3 hours after the live training session my crypto stock “tip” jumped 18%!

In today’s webinar, I went through a “bit of everything” and gave you an insight of what I have been doing in recent years. As many of you know I led the way for lots of you into a crypto boom back in 2020 which saw phenomenal gains of over 1000% in less than a year! Beta testers joined me when BTC was around $8000 and ETH at $185 which went to $4000 (+2440%). Here is a link to the crypto course and the posts from the last few years   (members only):cryptocurrency-course/

Despite the US government and their puppet Gary Ginsler of the SECS best efforts to kill crypto I still see it coming back into focus. More recently I have b ought more BTC & ETH & LTC on dips as they can’t go after them without a major loss of face. I also buy XRP on dips. All was explained in today’s recording.

More recently I have been trading some stocks and in particular I am focussing on gold, silver & mining stocks. The good news this is all based on my M2 technical strategy.

The only difference is the amount of emphasis I place on the different markets. For example, in forex 60/70% of my trading decisions start with technical analysis. I then look at the fundamentals to see if they support my plans. With stocks and crypto the balance is more like 70% fundamentals. I then use M2 for entries and targets.

DO I get it right all the time? Of course not. I have missed a lot of this years FAANG stock growth as it didn’t make sense fundamentally to me. However I have been accruing metals, miners and adding to my crypto portfolio (smaller amounts).

Firstly, I spoke about the markets and mentioned that we need to be patient when it comes to taking trades or even day trading. When you are sitting in front of the computer most of the time, it can be very tempting to open trades that you haven’t planned. This is dangerous and can lead to over-trading. The summer months and Christmas time are usually the worst times to trade as the market participants are on holiday so its usual for it to be slow and ranging. Hence its best not to trade around this time and wait until its more active.

The same goes for public or bank holidays. Yesterday was a good example, most of the pairs didn’t move much because it was a bank holiday in the UK. London is the busiest session among the three so it was expected to be slow.


Moving on to Crypto Gary Gensler states btc  eth  bch and Litecoin are NOT securities

SEC’s Gensler seen telling hedge funds that Ethereum and Litecoin are ‘not securities’

Litecoin hits record high

Crypto at the moment is down at the moment partly due to the $ strength which we have had for a few weeks now.  I have moved on to looking at stocks while crypto wakes up again.


As ever I’m not a licensed financial adviser in any jurisdiction so make sure you do your own research. This is a stock that I have recommended to my daughter. It’s called Riot.

It’s a Bitcoin mining stock based in Texas. So if the bitcoin price surges in the future it will help to push the price up of this stock. It is a very volatile stock and not one to watch every day. Would only invest money that you can afford to lose. it’s going to be a wild ride.

Riot platform

I also showed how I have invested in Rig which is an Oil stock. I bought it first starting around $3 and its now around $7. I will look to buy again but need a bigger pullback and will watch the price of oil as well.


Lastly, I showed you my setups on the FX pairs along with Ashley who shared his ideas on M2 and went through the E& S pairs for us. Now listen to him when he is showing you the Earth and Sky pairs as he gives his reasons why he would be cautious about some of them. Ashley tries to combine his M2 analysis and the bigger picture while taking trades on this strategy so he has given you some hints there as to why he wouldn’t take some of those setups for valid reasons.

You can watch the full webinar recording below:

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