Hi, check out the short video of one of this weeks winning, pre-planned, forex Trade

During the live session this week I showed how I was placing a forward order on the Euro/Aud.

Why I scaled in (placed 2 entries at different points)

In this short video, I show how I took the trade and then scaled out (took the profit in stages).

I then moved the stop on the balance in the hope it would break higher.

It dropped sharply and took me out and has since moved up again. My net gain was 1.5% profit, so all good 🙂

PLEASE be mega careful over the next few days.

I posted a couple of videos this week showing how the stock markets look as though they might be about to drop and even crash.

Most have broken major support areas and the Nasdaq is trying again, right now to break the weekly trendline.

Because of the US election, there is a danger that we could see some major, crazy spikes in the next few days. I don’t trade Fridays anyway, but with COVID, elections, Trump & Brexit we are living through truly extra ordinary times.

The best advice is to sit back and let the markets “do their thing” for a few days. If gold drops I will be looking to buy (not trade).

This could also be a good opportunity to buy crypto including Bitcoin if it drops with the markets

Check out the video