Live: Where to Trade, Invest & War?

Hi all, In today’s live session I looked at forex, some simple technical analysis, and how to use tradingview to practice and backtest your strategy using the replay function. You can get a free or paid version here: Tradingview

I showed how educating yourself & opening your mind to alternate possibilities would make you a gazillion times profit more than “just invest in the S&P”

Everything is stalled at the moment, If you take a trade don’t be greedy. Usually, Pierre might have 3 or 4 weeks in a year when he doesn’t see any setups for his Earth & Sky, this is his 2nd week so far this year! It is another clue that the markets are trading sideways.

Choices regarding forex and what to do in the current market situation:

  1. carry on as normal (won’t end well for most folks)!
  2. Zoom out and only take A+ trades then don’t be greedy (see Friday video where I scaled out of the €/$, also check out Ashley’s AUDCAD where he scaled out)
  3. Move to smaller timeframes (still pay attention to the longer timeframes).
  4. Stop until things become clearer.
  5. Consider other markets, crypto, stocks, futures.

How to use my M2 to be profitable in futures, stocks, crypto, indices et al

While the forex markets are a little unclear at the moment They could change any day) I am using the same skill to explore other markets.

For example, futures.

I passed an evaluation with Apextrading last week.

but there are various things that I do not like.

One being Ninja Trader and the other their trailing drawdown.

I explained all of this in the video below

You can use the link below if you would like to sign up. Of course, read the terms and conditions.

Apextrading including 71% discount code

Educate yourself or flounder

Most people receive little or no financial education and simply repeat the same old mistakes whilst helping the rich, financially literate become more wealthy.

Those at the top of the financial food chain are positioning themselves now to take advantage of the current financial & political situation that we are living through. Unlike many of you who may be concerned or even downright scared as to what you are going to do to protect yourselves, these guys already know how they aim to become even richer at the little guy’s expense.

This is NOT by accident. The same thing happened after the 2008 financial crash and more recently Covid. The gap between the mega-rich and the middle classes and the poor simply gets bigger on a daily basis.

This is not by accident! This has been going on for 100’s of years:

William T. Harris, U.S. Commissioner of Education, 1889 one of the creators of the US education system had this to say:

Last weeks US GDP was declared as “Stunning & Spectacular” by the New York Post. GDP and Everything else is “fine in the USA”, but no one is paying attention to the increasing federal debt that paid for this supposed growth

Here is an excellent article by Peter St Onge explaining the flip side of that news:: $2.7 Trillion Buys “Spectacular” GDP

Here is the presentation from 2015 I discusses in the webinar where Mike Maloney explained how the Ukraine war could have been avoided Mike Maloney 2015

Another video explaining how Ukraine is the West’s fault 2015 by Professor John J. Mearsheimer

Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer

Where next? The Middle East, China, Russia? There is lots of talk in European countries of a need to recruit more soldiers, are we being softened up for the next world war?

Think about all the things happening around you, educate yourself, and increase the chances of providing a better future for you and your family.

You can watch the full webinar below

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