Hi, in Tuesdays live training session I showed you how I had taken and was managing a winning Gbp/$ trade.

Yesterday I took more profit off as price hit my original target (the monthly 55ema from which it bounced almost to the pip).

I then moved the stop and left a small balance to run. Check out the short video as to how I managed the trade and my thinking.

Also, use the form- one of my private students, Jonah (supported by another one, Ashley) called a great long on the Euro/Nzd for multiple reasons yesterday.

He shared his analysis and charts.

It is currently +100 pips this morning.

Pierre and I share our detailed plans starting on a Sunday. Urgent updates go in the forum and other experienced members are in there too. It’s a great help for folks and we can see many are in there but don’t take part. JUST DO IT!

The first short video is the excerpt from the live training session showing where I entered and how I took some profit off (scaled out)

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Price DID hit my take profit level then bounced off and eventually took me out for 35 pips on the 20% balance that was left.