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My little island of 120.000 people (excluding tourists) is now, like the rest of Spain and its territories, in “lockdown.” No one is allowed to leave their homes for at least the next 14 days to work except for those in specific professions.

People are allowed to go shopping to the supermarket and chemists and to walk their pets. That’s it.

Apart from those shops almost all other businesses are closed and staff laid off. Neither business owners nor employees know at this point if there will be any kind of government support nor sick pay.

Clearly this is an unprecedented situation, but the implications for most people from a financial point of view are quite terrifying. Mortgages, rent, loans, food, how will people survive?

Its claimed that worldwide the majority of people are only 90 days away from running out of money. For those on minimum wage or worse, those in the “black economy,” the day of reckoning could come in a matter of days ☹ Then we face the possibility of social unrest.

It is highly likely that most countries and their citizens are going to suffer the same fate.

So How to look after yourself in this situation?

More than ever making money trading from home is king!

Learning how to trade is obviously one way of being able to generate income whilst being “trapped” at home and as there is talk of the current situation possibly dragging on for many months around the world, then very few people are immune from the situation nor the virus.

The markets are still in chaos mode with crazy spikes (1000+ on the Gbp/Aud in 30 minutes last week) and wild swings and once again the best advice is to not trade and study for the next few days at least.

The number one priority of all traders is to protect their “bank”- if you have no money left then you can not be profitable once markets return to some kind of normality.

Your number one priority is to not get sucked into trading but focus on your education.

Check out the short video below for my thinking and what MIGHT be interesting later in the week.

Other ways to make money from home

Imagine that you could replace your current income and work from home. Saving the commute and hassle fo working for someone else. What if you can make a few $100 a week (for now) trading forex from home. What if there are additional ways too?

Years ago I taught folks how to make money selling their skills and services online. My youngest daughter was one of my best students and for the last 12 months she has been travelling around Asia, living on a western income whilst paying out peanuts in living expenses. I taught her how to build websites for herself and clients. How to get traffic (visitors) to it. How to monetize her skills both in income, freelancing for clients, as well as advertising revenue.

She also gets paid for writing and SEO. She is truly living her dream and has visited around 30 countries over the last few years. She and I are thinking about how we can create some mini-courses for folks to show them how to monetize their skills whilst working from home.

If you feel this is of interest please comment below or submit a ticket via the contact us form. If there is not much interest then there is clearly no point our making the effort, but if there is enough then we will evaluate it and come back to you.

This will be free for members of FMP as a bonus for basic courses etc. If anyone wants personal help then obviously she will charge a fee.

In the meantime be thinking of what skill do you have that you might be able to monetize? Are you a half-decent writer? Photographer, designer, artist? What are your hobbies/passions apart from forex 😊

It doesn’t have to be something that makes you a fortune, just the fact of having possible alternative income from (multiple streams) is best, that way you are not reliant on just one thing.

All of this I can cover in webinars etc, so if you have a topic you would like me to cover and discuss, again submit a ticket.

Let’s catch up in the live session on Tuesday and see how the week is progressing. My big concern is not the red flag scheduled news, rather the unexpected, like last weeks Gbp rate cut out of thin air!

This week you have me all to yourself in the live training session. I will go through current markets and any possible setups with you and you can ask me any questions. if you have a specific topic you would like him to cover then this is a good week to do so.

Please submit questions or topics via the helpdesk.

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Making money trading from Home