Hi, in todays live training session I took an in-depth look at how your government is deliberately lying to you. Either that or some of their financial leaders are utterly incompetent.

I also showed setups on the M2 & Earth & Sky, plus my plan now that the Gbp has dropped today, how I intend to play it exit.

Your government is lying to you (either that they are bigger idiots than is possible):

I explain what the rich and smart folks are doing to protect themselves and how you need to act now to protect your financial well-being.

If you do not then the next 5 years or more will probably turn out to be very difficult.

The good news is that all of the steps you should take are explained in todays video and here in the member’s area.

I explain the problems that are developing rapidly right now. What you can do to take steps to protect yourself and most important of all, a solution.

Best of all it is using a combination of my M2 and fundamentals that we teach. A few weeks ago I used this strategy to make 60% profit on a Uranium play. I have never bought it before, but I have been researching metals over the summer and this was a text book M2 and fundamental analysis combined.

Last year I hosted a webinar on the 28th of October where I warned that this was going to happen and steps you should take to avoid it. If you followed my lead then you would have made more profits than the S&P does in 100 years!

You can check out the recording here to see what I got right and wrong: 28th October 2020

Today’s presentation is NOT just about crypto. It’s about what’s coming next and how you need to think and act differently if you want to beat it.

If you missed the webinar last year, or worse, did not take action, then the good news is there are still ways to make significant gains, but you need to get off your butts and take action.

I have been involved in financial markets for over 30 years and I have made significant profits in that time BUT as ever, I am NOT a licensed financial advisor (full disclaimer below the video)

I show you how I think and the steps you can take to protect yourself. Where to look and choices you can make:


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