160 Pip Win

Hi, on Tuesday I posted a short video showing how I was managing the Euro/Aud. I took some profit off as price had hit a major support area and was stalling.

I then moved the stop past the entry to leave the balance to run with an overall target of 250 pips. Last night I moved the stop once more and was taken out overnight for a total of around 160 pips on the balance. That is me finished for the week 🙂

This is my preferred way of trading, especially when we are not seeing huge trends of late.

I bank some profits and then try squeeze extra profits from the balance which worked well with this trade.

I also show a Nzd/Cad trade that won, but not as much!

Here you can find the first short video showing the entry (which was almost perfect) and how I took some profit off and was managing the trade and my reasoning.

Winning “Range Trade”


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