Hi guys, as you saw on Friday the NFP was MUCH better than expected and yet the $USA hardly moved.

It could be partly due to the fact analysts are aware that all the money printing is only going to be a short term benefit BUT its probably due to thin markets because of the Easter holidays.

As many of the big trading firms and markets are closed tomorrow it’s most likely that price will go nowhere and therefore save yourself a wasted day and wait until Tuesday is my best advice.

Professional traders know to walk away when the probability is against them. So, do you want to be a winning pro or amateur?

For those of you who are determined to trade anyway check out the short video. I have a few potential setups:

The Euro/Yen is the best of the Yens, the Cad which worked again last week, the Gbp/Nzd which had a major break out, and the Chf are a few that stand out. The Aud I will wait until Tuesday morning’s rate announcement, but I want to get back into the short.

Just occasionally thin days lead to some crazy moves but 9 times out of 10 it is like watching paint dry!

I will update you in detail on Tuesday in the live training session where I will also share my trade plan ( I am waiting until London opens and Pierre will post his Earth & Sky analysis Tuesday morning too).

Then we can have a more detailed, up to the minute look at what’s happening and potential trades for the rest of the week.

Check out the short video for the few pairs that I am interested. If not see you Tuesday 🙂