Hi, I have shown you in recent months how closely correlated the stock markets are.

How the technical skills you learn with us can be used to trade almost all markets.

Last week on Sunday I cautioned in my analysis blog post that “This week the Nasdaq 100 is showing the same pattern. If you trade it or are buying stocks then keep your eye on it as it looks as though it will at least pullback if not reverse. See the video.”

It dropped as the technical analysis  & trigger bar had predicted. I also did not believe the price was justified fundamentally.

At the very least it should have kept you out of buying at the recent top,

Big Bitcoin WinIn last weeks live session I showed how I was looking to buy more Bitcoin (NOT via a forex broker- explained in the video) if it pulled back.

It dropped like a stone and you could have bought it almost $2000 cheaper on Monday.

That is worth your entrance fee alone!

Larry and I have been studying and investing in a lot of different cryptocurrencies in recent months and we will shortly launch a new site showing how to do it as well as share our portfolio.

What and when we are buying, selling and holding. We will also advise when we are adding to positions based on the skills we teach here at FMP, so watch this space!

Crypto is on the verge of becoming mainstream. Bitcoin is now accepted by over 100,000 retailers worldwide, including Microsoft and Walmart. There are also a lot of banks and big funds starting to invest and steps are being taken with the SEC to allow more investment. I do expect Bitcoin to rise over the next few years, but its some of the smaller upcoming ones that we have bought that I feel have the potential for some explosive growth.

Remember do NOT trade it, its a crazy ride and especially not via a forex broker.

bitcoin pullback

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