Hi everyone,
In todays short video update, I want to remind everybody that you don’t need to be taking tons of trades in a month in order to reach your monthly target. You need to be patient and wait for high probability trades. Taking loads of – ‘okay-ish’, ‘kind of in the area’, ‘sort of looks good’, ‘I’m board, but feel like trading’ trades, is a recipe for disaster.

You will end up giving away your profits too easily. Remember, Forex is a probability game.

If you’re part of FMP, I’m going to presume that your end goal is to make money from trading?


In that case….


You need to learn to think of yourself as a business -A business that needs to make a steady, consistent monthly profit target. You need to learn to be really really stingy with your capital and only use it when it makes strategic sense. A business doesn’t spend or deploy money just for the sake of spending, does it?

Ask yourself, would you trust you to take the reins of a trading company?

If not, start here


Once you get the business side in order, your day to day focus should be the following;


Improve your understanding of the market (technical + fundamental) > Focus on your weekly analysis > Take high probability trades, based on your analysis

….Rinse and repeat!

If you can get this process right, the trading systems we teach you at FMP will allow you to profit in any market. Think of the possibilities!

See video below 🙂