Spectacular Forex ProfitsHi, well re-opened the doors to https://forexmentorpro.com/ last week and the results have been simply spectacular.

We have new members who made 100’s and 100’s of pips in their first weeks with us from low risk, high reward trades.

Imagine what effect that would have on your account balance!

Members are also buzzing about the addition of a brand new 1 hour trading system and new software.

The live training sessions where they are able to get up close and personal with full time traders and fund managers. They get to see in real time what we are trading and looking to trade in advance.

This week Pierre Judith & I showed them in advance what we were looking to trade, where & why we intended to enter,  This “spookily accurate analysis” enabled members to make some serious profits, check out today’s short video to see the proof:

Another great weeks trading for mentors and lots of students alike.

So we re-opened the doors to FMP version 2.0. Members are buzzing about all the changes, upgrades, new software & trading systems and especially the live training sessions BUT does it count in their wallets?

Returning member RJ said in the forum: “So impressed with what I’ve seen this week I decided to sign up for a year. I was originally a member of FMP back in 2009 (it was a great service then!) and things have improved beyond imagination! Well done Pierre!”

The great thing is we work as a team. mentors and senior members are sharing advice and trading ideas, as new members Jas said

” Thank you for looking out for me ……….now I am happy up 258 pips on the week”

In todays short video I show you excerpts from the forum where new members are making 100’s of pip following our analysis and trading strategies. New member FT made 247 pips on one trade, Robr made 260 pips on one trade, half of the forum shorted the Nzd & Euro/Gbp as per Marc’s Sunday analysis for well over 100 pips, member gabzy223 made 100 on the Euro/Gbp, mentor & forum leader Pierre showed a Cad set up in advance in the forum that went over 250 pips.

Have a great weekend




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