Brand New funded account

If you have been trying for ages to qualify for a funded account, then here is some great news and you can get started straight away and for less money.

I have invited the CEO of the company we are using to be a guest in Tuesday’s live training session. If at all possible try to attend. You can ask him any questions you like!

Since 2005 I have traded funds for clients. In my early days, working for a fund my profit share was 20%. At the time it seemed like a good deal. I was (eventually) trading over a $1million account.

If I made 5% in a month, that was $50,000 for the fund and I received $10,000. I came to realise after a while that other traders who weren’t doing as well as me were receiving a much higher share, so I quit and started trading for my own clients.

For private clients, I charged the same as funds 27.5% to 35% (depending on the size of their stake). unlike the funds I didn’t charge a monthly management fee, I was strictly no win, no fee.

In recent years there has mushroomed a whole new industry of firms now paying up to 80%. I ignored this for over a year. The business model is that they accept anybody as a trader, ergo most people fail. The provider keeps the money.

Most people will have 2 or 3 attempts before realising that they don’t know what they are doing!

Most of the companies offering these schemes have elaborate rules designed to trip people up so the chances of getting through the evaluation are almost zero.

The few who do get through to the bigger accounts are the ones who can make the big bucks, but even then those tricky rules can mean, one bad month and just like snakes and ladders, you start all over again!

As you know our own funds only pay out up to 50% and you have to prove to me first, over at least 6 months, that you can do this.

However, one of my previous private students has been trading for private clients and he went down this route 8 months ago. He now makes twice as much money for doing the same amount of work.

  • He has zero hassle with regulatory bodies (it’s getting much harder to trade for clients without a verified track record). Even with a track record, some jurisdictions won’t allow it anymore.
  • No admin/waiting for clients to pay
  • No chasing clients for payment.

Following his lead, Thinus, Ashley and myself and a few members have been testing various companies and I have actually taken the plunge myself ready for the new year.


Apart from the above reasons, I was going to open an extra new account to take “position trades” next year. That means holding positions sometimes for months on end. To make it worthwhile I need to tie up at least $50,000 of my own capital. I can use that money to make money elsewhere.


We are working with FX2: Check Them Out Here

FX2LAUNCH15  is a 15% discount code.

I have found them to be open and transparent. For example many similar companies claim that their evaluation accounts are real money accounts. That frankly is BS. They accept anyone, with zero experience, no problem. For a fee of around $250 they give a $20,000 with a 5% drawdown limit ie $1000…do the maths!

FX2 have the simplest rules (NOT designed to trip you up)

Its not expensive to get involved

You have the chance to earn a substantial amount without using your own money

It will help you improve your discipline overnight- break any of the 3 simple the rules and you are out!

It will give you an idea of the psychology involved when trading for others

It will help you to create a track record so if you ever choose to trade professionally even for your own clients you can.

If their business model fails you will still have the track record that can be used in future to trade for a more conventional fund or your own private clients.

The first 10 people to join them there is a 15% discount if you use this code ( I will try to get them to offer it to more than 10). Their CEO David Dombrowsky will be our special guest in Tuesdays live training session. Come along and ask him anything you like 🙂

Here is the link to their website once again: FX2 CLICK HERE

FX2LAUNCH15  is a 15% discount code.