Hi, in today’s live session we looked at a disturbing trend around the world that could well be coming to your country soon! More importantly how you should make a plan now and take some action 🙂

15 minutes into the presentation I gave some clues as to future directions of various cryptocurrencies. Our Beta member’s accounts are up from +617% last week, to +802% this morning. That’s in just 15 months. Most folk’s pension pots will get nowhere near that over 40 years!

I got into the topic of this week’s forex trades after approximately 18 minutes.

The Death of Cash as we know it?

cash burningI live in Spain and we have recently had a new law that only allows you to spend a maximum of €1000 in cash anywhere.

That is the total amount.

For example, a friend of mine was recently buying new kitchen units from Ikea.

He stayed under the  €1000 limit the first time, but when he went back last week they pulled him and told him he couldn’t pay any more that way.

It’s the same in Italy to my knowledge.

In India in 2016 the central bank demonized old 500 & 1000 banknotes and issued new ones. This was an attempt to get folks to bring any black money out from under the bed. You can read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Indian_banknote_demonetisation

There are rumors that the USA will be next and already the banks are turning the screws on folks. Anyone trying to withdraw more than a few thousand dollars in cash now may face scrutiny. Our own Larry had some hassle last year when trying to bank a few $1000 in cash. “Where did that come from”?

“None of your damn business” was the polite version of his reply, this went on for a while at which point they threatened to call the cops.

Last year my 80-year-old father-in-law tried to put €50 into his grandaughter’s bank account as a birthday gift, which he has done so for over 40 years. He was told by the bank teller in the UK “You can not put cash into someone else’s account!”

The world continues to go mad and financially bankrupt governments will go to any lengths to steal their citizen’s cash to try to pay off the huge debt mountains.

I explained in previous articles how gold was confiscated in 1933 in the USA to help pay off the debt from the Great Depression. As recently as 2013 the EU was willing to break its own rules to force bank account holders in Cyprus to pay an emergency 6.75% tax before the EU would bail out Greek banks.

You have been warned: here’s the article:


What happened with the NZD this morning and was there anything you could have done to avoid the loss?

All explained in todays live session: