Hi, in today’s live training session I analyzed a LOT of trade opportunities using my M2 method and Pierre’s Earth & Sky.

I also showed how I use M2 to make substantial profits trading cryptocurrencies, also why it is important to not be too greedy and take profits.

There is nothing worse than watching a trade get $1000’s in profit and then watch it drop all the way back to zero 🙁

Years ago I met a trader in London who had just won a major prize as “top trader of the year.” When asked what was his biggest weakness as a trader?

His reply “I get out too soon.”

EVERYBODY thinks they got out too soon and it always looks so obvious with the benefit of hindsight.

Yesterday I told my crypto group that I was selling 50% of one of my tokens as it hit a triple top from where it had rejected 3 times before.

Murphy’s law it kept going, although its pulling back at the moment. I made the correct decision based on the facts at the time and I also banked over 200% profit, so I am not disappointed.

The moral of the story is everybody thinks they could squeeze more out of a trade. Take what and where you planned. My way of dealing with this is to usually take part of the profit and leave the balance to run. This strategy has been very successful for me, especially in crypto where one coin that I had taken profit on, shot up over 2000% on the balance 🙂

All explained in todays live training session:


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