Marc Walton's forex mentor blogCheck out our award winning forex mentor blog: Marc Walton Full time trader, fund manager and founder of Forex Mentor Pro, Marc trades Forex for clients from his home in the sunny Canary Islands. Marc is famed for being “spookily accurate” with his analysis. Often picking out entries from 100’s of pips away, “to the pip.”

Unlike most “guru’s” he and the other mentors here tell you in advance what they are looking to trade and why. That way you can learn to become a successful trader in your own mentor blog

A little-known leading indicator

There is an indicator which you can use which predicts the direction of the global economy, something fundamental to trading. It can predict when the economy is growing or contracting, give us a heads up in terms of if a recession is looming and also provides advance...

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Forex Training Webinar

Hi, this is a recording of Tuesdays live Forex Training Webinar we host for members each week. We share our forex trading plan. Trades we are looking to take and why using our strategies In the last few weeks alone we have pre-planned trades that made over 500 pips....

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Why Use Fundamental Analysis (Part 1)

Why Use Fundamental Analysis? I’ve always been into economics and global macro politics, it’s something I’ve just always "got". My trouble was never actually being able to trade technically, I struggled to look at a chart and find sensible entries. So it’s funny when...

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The Path to Emotional Control

Today we are fortunate enough to have a guest post by Rich Friesen, trading psychology guru, talking about emotional control and how to obtain it with forex trading. Traders have a major problem. After over two decades of trading on the floors in Chicago and San...

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Fibonacci Rules

Fibonacci is a very popular tool used by forex traders and was developed in the 13th century by a mathematician named Leonardo Fibonacci. Essentially it is a series of numbers with each number adding up to the previous two. The Fibonacci sequence is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5,...

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Marc’s Trades show

This week Marc Walton shows some of his trades from last week. In particular, how a trade can be planned weeks in advance and patience turned into profits. Over to Marc. I used a gap at the market open to enter the Aud/Nzd. I explained this in detail in Tuesday live...

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