Marc Walton's forex mentor blogCheck out our award winning forex mentor blog: Marc Walton Full time trader, fund manager and founder of Forex Mentor Pro, Marc trades Forex for clients from his home in the sunny Canary Islands. Marc is famed for being “spookily accurate” with his analysis. Often picking out entries from 100’s of pips away, “to the pip.”

Unlike most “guru’s” he and the other mentors here tell you in advance what they are looking to trade and why. That way you can learn to become a successful trader in your own right.

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The Truth About Forex Training

When it comes down to it, there are many different avenues one can take to get proper forex training. This ranges from working for a big firm that trades to just opening an account and trying your luck (and the operative word there is “luck”). In the end though, my experience has been that the fastest and best way to get forex training is to use a reputable, honest online educational service and lots of hard work and dedication to the education itself.

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Understanding Slippage In Forex

In forex trading, you might hear the term “slippage” or experience it when you start trading and not understand what it is. Slippage can have a BIG impact on how profitable you trade and can be vital to understand, both in terms of you, your broker, and the market. Below, I briefly discuss the issue of slippage in forex trading.

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Live Forex Training Session

Live Forex Training Session with forex mentors Marc Walton, Pierre du Plessis & Judith Waker from Forex mentorpro. Every week members get a chance to talk with real life, professional traders- you can test drive the service for just a $1

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How to Trade Areas of Interest

Forex mentor & full-time trader, Pierre du Plessis shows how to trade areas of interest. Trading forex is not an exact science and new traders need to learn how to make these decisions for themselves. However its not overly complicated and Pierre shows you how…….

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Fibonacci for forex traders

Hi Adventurous Traders! So far over the last few weeks we have discussed and discovered how to put together a basic system in which to analyze markets both outside of forex and even within the FX realm. One important piece of this technical charting is Fibonacci. What...

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You dont need to walk forex alone…

Good morning everyone Hope you are all well and healthy this stunning morning Last week we had some big drops on the JPY pairs so surely there must be corrections on the way - back to our preferred Earth and Sky  zones where I will re look to short - trading with the...

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The Life of a Pro trader

The life of a pro trader can be a bumpy ride and many traders even find themselves reaching a stage of boredom in their trading journeys - myself included. Before forex, I had never stuck at anything work-related for more than five years. The life of a pro trader: my...

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Don’t jump in at the deep end

Many traders fall into the trap of thinking they can get rich overnight with forex: they jump in at the deep end and wind up being unsuccessful. Many dive into live accounts too quickly, lose a lot of their initial money and have no plan or strategy for success....

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