Forex Mentor Pro is NOT a Scam & Here's ProofForex Mentor Pro is NOT a Scam & Here’s Proof

Recently a member told me about a fake review he had seen on the internet that was slagging off Forex Mentor pro as a scam.

The problem nowadays is knowing who to believe.

There are other sites writing positive reviews about a product or service because they are also receiving a commission, so in truth it’s a minefield.

I explain more further down the page about why Forex Mentor pro is a genuine service & how these scam sites work. How they mislead people to make money promoting dodgy products and deny all knowledge when things go wrong and you lose your hard earned money.

Best advice to really investigate a company or service you are interested in joining is get “Googling.” Not the paid adverts at the top or bottom of the page. Look for half a dozen different reviews and get a feel for whether something seems legitimate or not. Then look at the people behind the sites & truly independent review sites.

Look at testimonials. If you are still not sure contact the vendor and ask to see or even speak with people who have given testimonials.

Look at the payment processor and make sure they are in a country which has strong consumer protection laws. We use Clickbank in the USA who accept credit cards and Paypal. They have handled over 200.000.000 sales online since they started. They give an iron-clad 30 day, no quibble refund guarantee. The other thing to note is that when you pay with a credit card or Paypal online you have up to 60 days and in some countries 180 days to claim a refund if you have been scammed.

Forex Mentor Pro is NOT a Scam & Here’s Proof

  • We supply full video training courses to take you from absolute beginner to a profitable trader.
  • Every trading day I or one of my colleagues tell you in advance what we are looking to trade and why so you can learn how to do this for yourself.
  • We have recently been joined by ex-lawyer Judith Waker who teaches how to use fundamental analysis to improve your profitability, how to trade with a lot more confidence & most importantly how to stay in trades longer to squeeze out those extra profits.
  • We host a live training session each week where we go into more detail about trades we are taking and encourage students to take part. They can also ask as many questions they wish about any of our strategies, possible trades they are looking to take and our opinion.
  • Membership includes access to our proprietary software and templates.
  • Every trading day Pierre du Plessis (the trader not the other dude- see the nonsense below)! Is in the forex forum to answer any questions you may have.
  • If you have a more complicated or personal question you can ask a mentor via the members only help desk.
  • We only charge $47 a month or $197 for a whole year (that is less than $4 a week) and if you decide in the 1st 30 days that its not for you, we will give you your money back. How can that possibly be regarded as a scam!

Dodgy Forex Scam Review sites

Forex Mentor Pro is NOT a Scam Heres Proof 2Whatever you decide to do I wish you well.

If you read the rest of this article hopefully you will understand a little more about dodgy forex scam review sites and how to not be fooled by them.

This kind of nonsense is part and parcel of being on the internet, unfortunately.

The way the scam works is that fake review sites use an inflammatory headline like: “Forex Mentor pro deadly scam proof.”  Write a derogatory “fake news” style article slagging off a company or individual. Then suddenly have something better to offer of their own or that they are affiliates for (they get paid) to promote this other product.

In the 10 years I have been online I thought I had seen it all but the levels of incompetence, half truths and down right lies produced as facts by these morons takes some believing.

According to their “review” I don’t exist. I have another website so the inference is I can’t possibly own more than one! I first started trading in 2002. I started posting tips and advice on Twitter back in 2008 where I have over 60.000 followers.

Among all the other lies and half truths they claim that our forum is run by a motivational speaker from South Africa who is not a forex trader. They got the wrong guy! Our Pierre du Plessis has been trading full time for a large part of his adult life.

In other words they don’t even pretend to know anything about forex yet are making money slagging off legitimate companies.

So what are they promoting instead? Wonder forex robots and binary options!

In 15 years of being involved in forex, initially as a buyer of lots of that type of nonsense, I have never yet seen a robot that I would put real money with, best advice is throw them in the bin. Get your money back or best of all don’t be tempted by all the “make 80% a month for only $99” bullshit.

It gets worse, they are then promoting binary options. Let me tell you a little, short, true story about binary options. Around 2010 when binary options first started to become popular for brokers and marketers I was approached by a firm to run a “white label” brokerage. They provide all the software and back office & I would use my name front of house & sell the idea to clients.

The investment on my part would be $30.000. The managing director of the firm told me “get in now on the ground floor EVERYBODY who opens an account with you will lose, it’s the best, no brainer business you can possibly get into,” he wasn’t kidding either. He had lots of proof of income and performance from firms who had already joined him. The average period for franchisees to get their $30k back was less than 2 months.

To this day I can still remember the look of shock on his face when I told him I wasn’t interested and as a business it was immoral. He clearly thought I was mad!

With Binary options NOBODY wins apart from the broker and the companies and websites who promote them.

I have never promoted anything I didn’t believe in and that I had not tested. I have never promoted binary options nor forex robots because in my experience everybody but the vendor loses. Some win for a while (most don’t even do that) but eventually the market pattern changes, the robot doesn’t and the account suffers a huge drawdown or complete loss.

So is Forex mentor Pro a deadly scam as claimed by our fake reviewer or is it really a genuine education business, run by real traders that will teach you how to trade? Get Googling and make your own mind up!