heres the proofHi, in last Thursdays live training session that I host for members I showed how I was using our 1 hour trigger system to make serious profits trading forex intra-day.

In the very short video below I show you the set ups, how & why we took them and in the live session I showed that a Nzd trade was lining up right then and that went over 100 pips too.

This is a very simple system that has been working well for the last 6 months since we created it. It is not the forex “holy grail” but when used correctly by an experienced trader it has the ability to make a lot of profit in a short space of time. In our training courses we teach 3 different trading strategies. All based on support & resistance and mixed in with some fundamental analysis.

The goal is to trade stronger currencies versus weaker ones to improve the probability of winning trades.

The Proof: 675 Pips Profit 5 Trades

Last week our FMP Fotis 1 Hour trigger system gave over 675 pips profit, imagine what that could do for your bank balance!

100+ pips on the Nzd
200+ pips on the Cad
160+ pips on the Euro/Yen
135+ pips on the $/Yen
80+ pips on the Euro/Gbp

and I can see more potential trades lining up now for the week ahead.

Each week-end we publish our trading ideas and plans for the week ahead in the members only area. Then every trading day we update you IN ADVANCE on what we are looking to trade for the day (s) ahead. Most educators are fake & tell you after the event what you should have done, heck my dog could tell you afterwards!

We put our necks on the line and have been doing so since 2008!

My preferred longer time frame trading has been less successful the last few weeks and as the coming week is the first of the month heavy news including the ECB release & NFP I am going to concentrate on this strategy this week.

I also see some potential huge moves forming now on weekly charts that I showed members today. I will post that video and article here in the next few days. Both of those trades have the potential to go over 1000 pips each!

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Here is the video, only 1 minute 39 seconds long, discover what we do and how you can do so too:

Click on the square bottom right to see full screen: